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Music nerds enthusiasts I know rave about vinyl, but where is the love for the good old cassette? Nothing says high fidelity audio like a shoulder mounted boombox.

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I am suprised they're giving this away before the release of the Sims 4, they could have used it as an apology giveaway when that turns into a Sim City style disaster.

Still it is nice to own again after giving my cds away years ago. I wonder if it still holds up after so long with Sims 3.

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Ah, those were the days. When you did battle with the twin evils of Autoexec.bat and Config.sys to try and squeeze as much juice out of a system as possible.

Before the dark times...

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taken Mirrors Edge, cheers buddy

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What is the orbital velocity of the moon?

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I guess we'll have to put off that statutory ban on tutorials for another year.

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Between this and Goat Simulator I think we can officially declare that 'The Jig' may indeed be 'Up'

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The most fun I ever had with the PS1 was Bushido Blade. Someone needs to do it justice and people should play it to honour its memory.

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Maybe you missed his emphasis, "What IS an rpg?" You should direct him to one of the myriad threads discussing it.

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I didn't pick up Dishonored immediately as I thought it was too steampunkish for my taste. When I did get around to playing it I realised that its sense of environment and character was exactly what I enjoyed from Thief 2.

I found the magic/outsider stuff a bit weird to begin with, but by the end of the Brigmore Witches story I was totally onboard for the outsiders detached view on humanity and the reason magic exists for some people.

Also I derive quite a lot of enjoyment from baiting the AI by dropping bodies from the roofs or balancing them on chairs and watching the guards react.

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