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You guys find any other attack ads featuring the GB crew?

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Sure. Resident Evil couldn't get any worse right? As a guy that thinks Gears 3 is one of the best games of this gen I'd love to give him a shot at it.

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@boocreepyfootdoctor said:

PSN: theandrewtaylor

Mind telling me when you're available to play?

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@PillClinton said:

I came in here just to say great title. That is all.


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@JacDG: Welcome to da club!

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It's that time of year again duders! Time to vote which means that we'll be bombarded with silly, slanderous campaign ads. I've noticed a couple of Giant Bomb parody ads and I'll post them here. This is mostly a thread to inspire more hilarious political campaign ads. Hopefully some of you duders out there will get inspired by seeing these videos and make your own ad. I'd love to have a full set for every Giant Bomb staff member. How about a Dave one? That guy needs more recognition! Anywho, enjoy these ad videos! Post on here if you notice any more and I'll add them here!

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Since this game is coming out tomorrow how bout we add some duders for some hot racing action. I won't be getting my PS3 copy until mid-week, but I'd still like to make an easy list for us Sony gamers to hook up and race for a good while. Leave your PSN ID on here as well as your availability.

Giant Bomb DudersPSN IDAvailability
PhatmacBlazeluminosWeekends and most weekdays.
JacDGTheHumanBirdSome weekdays and Saturday.
MightyDuckGetWhatYaGiveSome weekdays and some weekends.
BestUsernameEverS1191BAny day.
boocreepyfootdoctortheandrewtaylorWeekends at 7PM EST.
dropabombonitKingborucWeekdays after 7pm GMT and available during weekends.
pastapastapappieWeekends only.
kmg90kmg90Most weekdays and the weekend
Pink_o_matpink-o-matHopes to have free time after the week of the game's launch(Oct 30th)
DarklightDarkEonzAny day.
shaftwaxershaftwaxerevenings EST and PST
G0DF4TH3RSolid_JackalAny day.
TheBeaneMachineTheBeaneMachine"Random as hell."
redyoshiClydeFrazierafternoons EST
Jay_RayJay_RayAnd day.
DarthOrangedarth_orange93randomly(shares a console)
DBrimDaniel294Any day after Hurricane Sandy(stay safe duder)
CrazyBagManDr_HowserDTP(Down to play)
robcat09robcat09any day.
xwillxxwillxmost weekends
StaticFalconarStaticfalconarRandom weeknights and mostly weekends
IconTlconOAMost weeknights and weekends
GJSmittyGJSmityrandom weekdays and weekends
NadafingaNadafinga9pm-midnight CST
flameboy84flameboyCA3pm EST on the weekends
kicker1991kicker1991late afternoon on weekdays
PyskPyskAustria, Europe in most evenings.
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Good luck guys! I'll be watching from the sidelines! Go Giant Bomb! :D

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Platformers like Mario. Also big RPG's are a treat for me.

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A fat guy eating a hamburger. Basically me.