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I doubt there'd be much interest for a version of Persona 5 on Xbox 360. I would've said the same thing for Persona 4 Arena though.. I wouldn't be surprised if it was on 360 but I highly doubt it.

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It's never too late duder! I'm gonna play Dark Souls this year on my PS3 in order to get ready for Dark Souls 2!

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Love your art duder! :D

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I'm with you about them covering more games. I wish Patrick was still in the office since he covered a lot of the games that the rest of the crew wouldn't ever cover or care about. I fear that they'll ignore Bravely Default when it's probably something that they'd be into. Hopefully Patrick will play some of it. A quick look for it should happen regardless.

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I really don't get the reasons behind why Infinite shouldn't be a first person shooter.

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It's a brand new year and the BombsLaunched podcast continues on with more video game talk. This week Ackbar gets a PS4 in order to experience next-gen games like Assassin's Creed 4, Battlefield 4, and not Knack. Fuck Knack. Ghostiet goes on a strange journey with the Zeno Clash series. Reddenblack gets the Hong Kong experience by finally playing Sleeping Dogs. Phatmac just played a ton of games over the holiday break but mostly loved the Bravely Default Demo. Here's to a new year that doesn't suck as badly as 2013 did!

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This is great duder! :D

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@tkalsey said:

It's not long enough!

Oh it's long enough!