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Jeff got ditched by Gamespot and I followed him and Ryan, when they built their own site. Still the best site in my eyes for entertainment and truthful gaming chats.

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We all know how much Jeff looked up to his dad, he mentions him frequently and he seemed to be a big part of his childhood, it's really sad and i'm gutted for him.

Jeff you're a great laugh and a great person and you have to be to have this many people care about you and watch you day in and day out for years! Hope you're doing alright.

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Philip-Duck on Ps4 EU

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Metal Gear on PS1 i'd be up for that. Be great!

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Good job Vindog.

So who's hungry?

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Interesting... Lets just see how this goes...

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Vice City remake i'd personally prefer i mean we got a taste of San Andreas in GTA V, obviously not as great but i would love a 80's Miami again.

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That's job done.

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This is rough for Microsoft, this will only get worse in the future for the Xbox one.. If it can barely handle these higher res games form last gen at 60fps then it has no chance at running any of the new third party titles at 60 in 1080p either.. shame. Congrats to Sony though for putting out a decent system.