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Yeah... here in the UK it's £55 for a ps4 game.. That's just over $90 usd... come on... we're just getting ripped of for no reason over here :(

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Go for it I went into my computer science degree not having any experience in coding, as long as you keep at it and practice it one day just hits you and clicks! Good luck

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Lets fill this friends list!!

PSN ID: Philip-Duck

Time Zone: Europe, England

Games at Launch: Assassins Creed 4, Killzone: Shadow Fall, NBA 2k14, Fifa 14

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Exactly the same yeah, starts in 2 hours. Probably won't do as much third party content since they did it all last week...

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Alright cool thanks guys! Looking forward to it!

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Hey American guys, how did Amazon deal with your Ps4 pre-order? For instance when do they take the money out of your account and then what was the rough time you received yours on the day? Just wondering how it's going to go down next week over here in the UK. Thanks!

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Yeah it's ok... Few good songs but nothing memorable...

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Go for Killzone, exclusives are usually the better option.

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Yeah seems alright so far.. Feels kinda dated but it's still good worth a rent!

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Looking good, be the only game i'm getting on launch with my bundle... so hope it plays as good as it looks!