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Don't laugh, but I've been playing through Soul Silver since it came out, and it made me realize... I only use a scant few of the over 490 monsters in those games.  These pocket monsters made my list as the most useful, both in story progression and just outright in battles.  Follow my advice young Padawan and the Gym leaders shall fall before your might.

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Wow. I like to see someone who thinks like me. I always find its easier to get Pokemon and train them like that. I hav friends who will just go through the the game relying on Pokemon you can catch later on that are strong to be the Pokemon they use there 'ultimate team' but i never do this. Personoly I'm a big fan of flygon and will always have one of those ASAP, but other than that, all my pokemon will always be the Pokemon I catch closer to the start. Another thing I NEVER do is have legendarys in my party. I hate legendarys in the game. I always find them weak as when you catch them your Pokemon are always stronger and it's a pain to train them up. Also do the same as you do with furret. I always find a Pokemon like it to learn all my HMs. Also I tots agree with the ditto use. I have friends who will use them in battle and when this happens I just send out D.J(always my flygons name) and counter it with dragon moves. Its so god dam weak. And also I never knew flame body helped hatch eggs. Good tip. On the eggs subject, if anyone has ever bred something on a massive scale and later on realized it was a stupid Pokemon to breed, tell me. Although I don't think any one could ever top mine. I literally bred ov er 50 magikarp( at the time it seemed like a good idea as I planned to make the into gyrados)

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How dare you put down Umbreon!!!

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@sarahmint: Sorry Miss Mint, but Umbreon just doesn't learn enough useful moves to be.. well, useful. How do you train yours?