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Well I decided to write this blog not only to get a quest done (damn this addictive new feature), but also to spread my views to hopefully other like minded individuals, as well to hopefully entertain you all. Please enjoy!


A good game, what defines it? Is it perfect reviews from licensed critics on big fancy websites who are paid to give their opinions on a particular game? The more independent reviews that are not as subjugated to being paid to give good scores? Or is it simply what we see and experience with a game that defines its quality? I think its obvious that its the 3rd option as I am the kind of person who has their own set opinion, but is not afraid to give someone with a differing view the time of day. I believe what makes a game "good" can be expressed in a simple formula. 

Part 1 The Story

 The story of a game is pretty much the purpose of the game. Without a good story it is almost impossible for the final work to be anything but decent. However to simply tell a good story is one thing, but to make the story good enough for a massive audience to want to play over and over again is key. This is especially true for games that aren't meant to be played a couple hundred times such as epic RPGs like Final Fantasy. When you play a game like that its story is almost guaranteed to be at least 40-60 hours long, and usually doesn't leave a lot of room for replay value. However should a story that is so enticing come around that not only fills that time gap , but stays so intriguing and complex that the player is almost forced to play the game again just to see more of the story, then that can cover up for almost any other fault the game might have. 
So simply put the component of the story in our formula is as follows: Story that is not only epic, but able to be enjoyed multiple times.

Part 2 The Cast

The cast of characters in a good game normally accomplishes similar goals. They are relate-able as so the player can connect with them more, they look good; this is mainly accomplished by graphics or the basic design of the character, they aren't annoying/useless so we don't want to abandon them the first chance we get (See many RPGs for examples of this), and they sound good (See Part 3 for more information). If we are going to be playing with the same cast of characters from anywhere from 8-60 hours they had better be good. From action plat-formers such as God of War with one single protagonist to epic RPGs such as Persona 3 with up to 8 party members to pick from; it all depends on the genre of the game in question. How they act throughout the story and during game play also helps to determine if this part of the formula is properly achieved. A good character is one that is not too overpower both in voice and strength ( see Lu Bu in any Dynasty Warriors game), but not too weak as to not want to use ever in the game or hear in a cut scene (See Cait Sith from FFVII). This should be applied to the entire cast. I know what your thinking, "What about characters that exist for comic relief? They can be annoying and useful at the same time!" Just remember kids not every formula is perfect and yes there are plenty of comic relief characters in games, and some can be useful. However just think about this one comic relief character in particular and I think you will see my point... Wakka....I think I'm done here.
Character component of the formula: Cast that is relate-able, fun, varied, awesome, and useful. 
Well we have made quite a bit of ground here now haven't we? However, we have only touched on 2 of the 5 components I believe are necessary for our formula to be a success. Check out my next blog post in the next few days for the rest of this discussion, and the final formula. Have something you want to add to this? By all means leave a comment below, I eagerly await what the Giant Bomb community has to add.
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@Bartman3010: Kinda wish I had found this sooner, I might have been able to give you a run for your money lol. Still, I agree with Flux, its good but it needs a little more....power, but not power. I listened and it felt like you were kinda forcing it out, not letting it come naturally. Maybe this is just me, but I say you need to relax and let it flow. To me, Souji (I refuse to call him Charlie lol) is a calm, cool, and collected character. Some of your audition had the feel, while others didn't. Hope I had been of some use, and good luck, I'm expecting good things. 
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Thanks guess having the actual page would help my case.

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There already is a page that covers both Heartgold and SoulSilver, so there really is no point in having a separate page for SoulSilver. All of the other games that released in pairs were combined onto one page, so this should be no different. I'd say combine them, but there really isn't anything on that page to take from it.

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@FluxWaveZ: I suppose you do make a valid point there Flux. Maybe it's not me wanting to steal anyone's thunder. I think that it might be me more doubting my own abilities as a writer. Don't get me wrong, I think I'm at least a decent writer, but my other works have been standard fanfare series like Bleach. I think it's cause I love both Persona 3 and 4, that I'm afraid to ruin the story with any changes I could potentially make to it with a sequel. In hindsight, I think I was more worried that I'd screw up, or that I wouldn't get the same kinda views as computer has gotten with his. However, this is another blow to me, but I guess I shouldn't worry about that. A true artists in any form shouldn't need positive reviews, but just be happy with what he/she has created. I guess I needed someone to completely shoot me down to realize it. lol now I feel like a Fool. Oh well, hindsight is 20/20, and so on. Thank you Flux for bringing me to this resolution, and I will be happy to create my work, and bring it here for you all to enjoy. I hope you enjoy, and keep a close watch on me, cause now my fire's a lit, and I'm gonna soar. (God these phoenix puns might kill me) 
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I'd like to find the perfect blend of P3's darker tone with P4's lighter tone. I believe its possible to do, and it could help create quite an epic game. Though I can't help but say if P5 turn out to be a direct sequel to either P3 or P4 (or a crossover you never know)I wouldn't really be turned off to it. I love both game very much, and to actually untie the universes instead of odd cameos would make this fanboy (god I hate to admit that) happy. 

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Wow after stumbling upon this thread after creating my account here on Giant Bomb, I have to say this could quite possibly be one of the best fanfics I've ever read. The story is nice, and I can almost see this as an honest continuation of P4. The changes to the characters seem solid, and I can actually make sense with. Overall, I like the story a lot and I'll be keeping track of it as it continues to unfold. It's good to see something like this receiving such praise here on Giant Bomb, but I do have one complaint about that. This is only one of many fanfics about P4 (or Persona in general), so now any attempts an author would take to promote their story here, would immediately be criticized for trying to steal the thunder of this one. 
Now, I know  computer-geekz didn't make this thread, but the fact still remains. I'm an aspiring author, who has plans for a Persona sequel, and this is just a something that kinda bothered me. Not saying I'd use Giant Bomb for advertising (though now it's a thought), but if I (or any other author) did I'd immediately be critisised for stealing computer-geekz thunder from his amazing story. I would never wish to do that, but I know how internet forums work, and this is just a potential problem. Incidentally, I actually might use Giant Bomb for advertisement once I get the story rolling, but that will only be in a link in my signature. 
Still, a wonderful story that I will continue to follow until its completion, and I hope now that even after this rant, when my story is ready for judgment it will receive fair treatment. Even though I could have just shot myself in the head on that one (P3 reference hardy har har).

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