Best Buy Bucks

I love the reward zone. Especially when I have a boat load of coupons saved up for free games. 
So here is my question. 
I have $50.  
Do I blow it all on Castlevania Lords of Shadow? 
Buy some XBL points cards and get all the DLC I've been meaning to get for months... Fallout 3, Mass Effect 2, Borderlands (to name a few) 
Combo up on some cheap games... Maybe Dragon Age and Little Big Planet for PSP. 
I really want to get Dragon Age, everyone always says the superior version is on PC. I don't have a gaming PC, but I hope to get a new Mac sometime in the beginning of the new year. Should I wait and get the Mac version of Dragon Age, or just get the 360 or PS3 version for free now? 
Ahh... purchasing question. How I love thee.


Hello all. Long Time listener, first time blogger.

I guess it's time I actually start contributing to the site instead of lurking around watching videos and listening to the podcasts. 
Ummm... yeah. I like games. I like humor. I like strange random discussions about food and drink. Giantbomb is perfect for me.