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#1 Posted by phoenixflames (67 posts) -

I used it yesterday too, and it looked NOTHING like me. It did scan my Phillies shirt and distorted it really badly. Kind of a let down. 

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I had to get a new xbox two weeks ago since my launch one was on it's last legs. I just got a kinect bundle since there was a deal on Amazon. I'm still in the honeymoon phase with Kinect, but I'm enjoying it, and the voice commands for battles could be nice. A few times in ME2, it was getting a tad frustrating to pause so often during heavy fire fights. The voice commands could be helpful.

#3 Posted by phoenixflames (67 posts) -

I'm inverter, and here is how I explain it to my friends:

Think of your head as the right thumb stick. Now place your hand on your head. Think of your hand as your thumb on the stick.

Pull your hand back on your head like you're moving the thumb stick "down."  - Your head and eyes are now looking up.
Now. Push your hand forward on your head like you're moving the stick "up." - Your head and eyes are now looking down.

What I don't understand is why so many of your "normies" even care so much. It's a little offensive how much of stink "you people" stir up over controller preference.
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Gawd... what's the matter with you people. Jeff's opinion isn't fact. 
Ryan's opinion is. duh... 
All kidding aside, I always appreciate Jeff's opinion, but my gaming tastes don't match too often with his. 
I have noticed I match really closely with Ryan's style and opinions. In no way is Ryan's word law, but I've agreed with him so often that if he says something is crap, I'll most likely not try it.

#6 Posted by phoenixflames (67 posts) -

I'm on the fence of wanting this game to begin with. I'm also not going to be screaming for a boycott. 
That being said, this does give me an uncomfortable rub.

#7 Posted by phoenixflames (67 posts) -

I find it hilarious that any mention of the word 'MEAT' makes Peta foam at the mouth. 

#8 Posted by phoenixflames (67 posts) -

Stone Sour - Say You'll Haunt Me

#9 Posted by phoenixflames (67 posts) -

This maybe a really stupid question, but what do you have to do to get the completed game achievement? 
In one session I played every variant of the first map. 
2nd session I played the first 5 minute mode of all the other maps. 
I thought people were saying you don't have to play every single mode of the game to get that achievement. Is that true? 
I'm loving the game, and I still plan on playing every mode, but that completed game achievement is the last one I need for the S Rank. I thought I would've had it by now.

#10 Posted by phoenixflames (67 posts) -

So who is the poor smuck that got deleted from Jeff's account?

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