S-Rank Blog Post #17 - More Blogs Whilst Boosting

Another Sunday, another Dead or Alive 4 boost, though unlike the last five or six weeks, this is the first week where I can just sit back, relax and write this blog. Strident has just hit his 23rd win so the boost is almost a quarter done, I guess I better stop dilly-dallying and get on with it.

First some good news, I have somehow managed to win two Diamond Class tickets to the Top Gear event in Perth this Wednesday through the Xbox Live Rewards program. I signed up the second the rewards program became available in Australia and whilst is doesn't hand out points like they were air, to this date I have gotten just over 400 msp out of the program. 400 msp may not be too much, but it's still 400 points that I didn't have to buy. If you aren't in the program I would highly recommend joining, you don't have anything to lose and it automatically places you in the draw for a bunch of competitions and rewards you with points just for doing things you'd normally do, like renewing your Gold membership. If you take less than 2 minutes out of your life to fill in a monthly survey there's another 20 points each month you could grab. A month or two ago the survey was one multiple choice question, usually it's 3 or so, it's hardly a hassle.

Apparently I was chosen to enter the draw for these tickets because I'm "the most elite and dedicated of Forza Motorsport players". I've got the full 1000/1000 in Forza Motorsport 2 and that's it. Last time I played it was September 1st 2008 boosting the 1,000,000 Online Credits achievement which is a bit of a grind. I'm not sure if they looked at total achievements, total time spent online or what but I'm sure there are way more dedicated Forza players than little old me. Anyway I had to enter my details which were put into a draw, no idea how many others entered but a day later I've received another email saying I've won and I have tickets waiting for me at the event. So that's all very exciting, even if I do feel a little bad that I've only got a slight interest in Top Gear, having only seen the show a dozen or so times. I did recently purchase Forza Motorsport 3 Ultimate Collection though, anyway it's game time...

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1989 Arcade

I'm pretty sure this was the first XBLA game I ever bought. I remembered playing it years and years ago at the arcades and bought it instantly. It's and old school 2D Beat 'Em Up, but it is quite a good one. The achievements are quite a challenge and unless you work together in a group you'll never get all of them. This was another game I was sure I'd never complete achievement wise. I still think the game is awesome but the lag online is terrible, and the best way to play this is with friends, so unless they're gonna come round for some good old fashioned couch co-op I'd have to say; stay away. Though if you haven't bought it yet you're out of luck anyway, as I think it has been removed from the marketplace.

De Blob 2

I didn't really have any intention of buying this at first but I watched a couple of videos on Giant Bomb (it's a website) I thought if I saw it for cheap I'd give it a go. Well I did and I'd have to say that while not the most exciting or engaging game play experience I've ever had, it is quite zen. You play as a blob, who is named Blob, which can absorb colour from various pools and sources throughout the levels. This colour is used to destroy the evil black inkies as well as painting the environment which has had all the colour sucked out of it. Basically you just zone out and roll around, collect things, mix blue with yellow to make green, solve puzzles nearly all of which involve painting certain things certain colours and just work your way zone to zone before you face off against your evil colour hating arch nemesis Comrade Black.

No one has played this game, and it's not surprising as it's not anything the so called core gamer would bat an eye at. If you just want to chill out and paint some shit then this game has your back, it does what it does really well and is actually quite long, especially if going for all those achievements. Oh it's also made by an Australian Dev Team; Blue Tongue Entertainment in Melbourne which has now sadly closed up shop, probably in no small part due to how poorly the game sold.

Well two more games covered in this entry, and my boosting session is finished. I think I'll download and mess around with Kinect Fun Labs Battle Stuff for a bit then get back to Skyrim. One more big thing is happening for me soon, next Saturday marks the date on which I'll be moving out properly, into a rental. This will result in me probably having no internet for a while again, but Skyrim should hold me over for now. If I'm not online for a bit you'll know why. See y'alls online.