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Posted by MasterSplinter

 Thats a LBP tough choice LBP right LBP there, but I LBP would LBP go with LBP whatever mood LBP you're in at LBP the LBP time. Both are great LBP so LBP there isn't LBP a wrong decision. =D

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You chose LittleBigPlanet over Fable 2 and Far Cry 2. Epic, epic fail.


Posted by giyanks22

Um... I say Fallout, because once Gears, Left 4 Dead, and COD WAW come out then you're never going to wanna stop playing multi-player, so I'd get Fallout out of the way now.

Posted by EpicSteve

LBP...good man

Posted by GamerGeek360

lucky...i would go with LBP but I'm not gonna say it a thousand times like MasterSplinter did

Posted by darthzew

I would say to save Fallout 3 for last just because it's the longest and probably the most engrossing. You probably won't put it down for a while. 

Posted by pill92

Play Fallout 3!

Posted by insanegamer

i know the feeling so many games to play i supose you go with the one you have the most fun with which is hard to say i am going to say LBP because it has cute sackboys lol.

Posted by LtColJaxson

Fallout 3. Dunno what it's like on 360, but it's great on PC. Except that old lady in the party looked nasty... that didn't look old - it looked burned!

Posted by Claude

Flip a coin.

Posted by ReTarDedFisHy

lmao MasterSplinter :D
But yeah, ReTarDedFisHy would go with LBP.

Posted by smurf317

Play LBP and Give me Fallout 3 :p

Posted by Unjust

I'm going to sleep on it and I'll let you know my decision tomorrow. :)

Posted by EpicBenjamin

Play Fallout and give me LBP.......

....... NOW!!

Posted by Hexogen

I'd say go for Fallout 3 first since the longer you wait to play LBP the more levels will be available to download. Just an idea.

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Posted by dogbox

Play Fallout 3 AT LEAST until you get to uh..well I guess I shouldn't spoil. Tranquility.