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I'm DivineSlasher on PSN and am off and on between 10am - 8pm most days.

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Podcasts, work out and reading mostly. I seriously haven't read a legit book in years and I'd like to get back into reading.

That said, I wish you speedy recovery duder!

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Is it too early to say PSO2 in the US? Yes? Fuck it, I'm going with that game anyway.

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@party said:

This is a pretty good example of how on it Jeff has been.

I was thinking about the same thing. When he's off he's good but dam when he's on point holy shit.

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@bollard: Holy Shit that list is gdlk!

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Alot. Out 4k+ songs on my phone at least 80% are from a game.

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@spoonman671: True Lies is one of my favorite action movies of all time. The scenes you mentioned being a big part. That said, my best friend thinks it's ridiculous even for Arnold. "He's too perfect, how the hell does he ski in a suit and he never gets shot once! He stands out so much!"

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Maxamiliian Dood, TBF, Vash123459, OnlyAfro, EpicNameBro, AGermanSpy and CrossCounterTV. Pretty much all I watch is Dark Souls stuff, funny playthroughs and fighting games.

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Chaos Legion will always have a soft spot in my heart for trying to expand on character action and having a gdlk soundtrack. Sadly it's doomed to obscurity because it never caught on and is really above average at best.