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So does this mean that Saikyo isn't the greatest discipline in the world?! My life is ruined!

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I liked this game way more than anyone probably ever should.

I have a friend that loves this game to death. I just couldn't get past the controls. Personally I'd love another Chaos Legion.

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Seeing BB get so much love has me excite for Guilty Gear when it drops stateside!

Also, that tier list. They need to just make a player tier list cause after watching the South East Asia tourney and seeing Momochi take it with Ken make me think that people need to chill out on those lists for awhile longer.

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Thank you guys, this is why I love this site!

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As good as his show was, I think he's better on a stage. I've been hearing about him popping up at the Comedy Cellar recenty with Chris Rock and just doing sets. I'm glad he's back but he's been low key putting work in for a bit.

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Fighting games, Yes!

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I love shit like this. Thank you based GB.

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Yea, but that seems to be the mindset of the majority of people on forums too, so what kind of answer did you expect to get here?

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@deadpancakes: I've had alot of fun and infuriating experiences in MH throughout the series lifespan. In the original through my friend and Is crazy antics like running around naked in the volcano and calling ourselves the Kut Ku army and only using his gun and chanting battle cries, we made a lifelong friend. My buddy even dated a girl he met through our shenanigans online. Actually, I realize my friend and I are the type of people that this topic is about.

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Happy Birthday Ryan. R.I.P. Big Homie!