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Fuck! I'm seriously out of the wrestling gif game. This stuff is hilarious even without context.

Thanks duders:D

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I like natural diversity, not the kind that is forced like many have stated. I do gravitate towards black characters but more often than not you end up with Big Bo, who I love, but is laughably bad and a blatant sterotype.

I feel that people of said race/gender/sexuallity should have greater input in regards to those characters so you don't end up with a gross approxamition of what somebody thinks they act like.

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I've had the game hard lock on me, fallen through the world on the moon, seen the camera bug out during dialogue,and watched the A.I. get stuck on geometry more times than I care to count, but I still really like ME1. I guess to really put it's charm on me with everything it does great that I've overlooked the glitches regardless.

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Probably Dark Souls 2. I enjoy the series as a wgole and it didn't rub me the wrong way at all. Definitely my favorite game of last year. It's definitely a game I would play long after its initial release.

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Ill raid with you guys if you'll have me. I tried the raid once as well as VoG. Did not go well. I don't have great guns but armor wise I'm ok.

PSN DivineSlasher

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Darkness? He looks nothing like Charlie or Eddie Murphy. It was the first thing that came to mind:P

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Dam duder, I hope everything turns around for you. Shit's rough all around these days.

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@loki_16 said:

Apology of the year contender

Just to be topped by someone else saying "shit's fucked" but that'll never happen.

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@ford_dent: I always thought that too, like the Jetsons.

Also hello fellow supervillian, lol.

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I'm DivineSlasher on PSN and am off and on between 10am - 8pm most days.