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Most of the issues surrounding Ukraine are in the southeastern Crimea region, not in Kiev.

And while I know that Dota Fever hasn't spread too far beyond Brad in the GB offices, one of the three or so top teams in that game's eSports scene is based out of (3/5th) from Ukraine. Someone asked Dendi at the Free To Play premiere in SF about current events, and he gave a sarcastic response followed by a straight-faced explanation that things aren't day to day different for him.

In fact, the Star Ladder tournament just held it's finals in Kiev last week.

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Lists have been working for me until now. Suddenly I can't add anything to a list whereas a couple weeks ago I added Bioshock Infinite to a list with no problem. Using Chrome.

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I didn't like this show and, in a way, watching a classical geek-centric cast like TWiT get into the much more 'bro' world of video gaming was a bit like watching the TechTV-G4 trainwreck in reverse. But on the other hand, Leo is spending thousands of dollars on podcasting and supposedly making money. He's selling Ford cars while other people are sponsored by 99 cent iOS apps at a much lower rate.

This gaming show came on right after This Week In Tech, their flagship show where you can see guys who remember Steve Jobs' ORIGINAL run at Apple talking about network security and debating how strongly we need privacy in a digital age. Going from that to two hours of multiplayer gaming, on the other hand, eh...

As for the swearing, in free-form podcasting it's a common thing but in more structured shows it's less common.

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@Patman99 said:

They werent THAT bad. I absolutely hated the "teabag" the acceptance speech people and the fact that the host drank BLUE liquid to regain his health.

Blue Potion is a zelda thing.

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The whole "on Origin" thing doesn't matter anyhow, since if you're going to buy this game on PC any which-way you're going to use it anyway.

All the more fuel for the console versions, I guess; since hit detection is wonky and a lot of people could never really control BF planes with a mouse+keyboard anyway.

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In fairness, Shadow Complex is based upon a series of books Card did that basically was like a Cheney wet dream. It read like, and was intended to be written like, a rah-rah-rah war book where pansy liberals only threaten America's security. I mean, Starship Troopers sort of goes there too, and that's a well liked piece of fiction, but it wasn't blatantly written to be a direct analogy to any modern conflict, and even then some people prefer the much less political movie.  From what I've heard, if you aren't aware of the books, Shadow Complex doesn't do much to make you aware of their existence. Still, it ties into that story officially, so whether it bothers you or not is up to the player.
Any requests on Chair's forums to give some details about their connections to Card go unanswered and have been deleted off their forums completely.  Some fans were willing to buy the game if Card had been paid in full already, comfortable that he would not be getting any more money whether they bought the game or not. Others asked about the founder's friendship with Card. Again, no answer.
At a certain point it is not Chair's fault if gamers begin to think that the firm, based out of Utah, is full of hard-line Mormons like Card. But they have been given multiple opportunities to clear the air on their forums and elsewhere, and have always shut down discussions and even deleted them entirely. And that's pretty damning and soon the reputation goes from suspicious paranoia to well earned. My personal opinion is that these boycotts aren't very effective, and if I was interested in one of their games I'd just give an equal sum to an LGBT group to offset any social damage caused.

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If you think reading a Bible in an otherwise polite public makes you labeled an extremist, I suggest you sometime try the Quran and see what happens. I'm an agnostic myself, but given our present society it's worth pointing out. When was the last time you heard of Christians being identified in a crowd and frisked, anyway?

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I'm gay, and very liberal (closer to Bernie Sanders than the 'mainstream' Democrats), but I have conservative friends. I have met Tea Party fans, people who think the President is not a citizen, libertarians, a large portion of the gamut of people you might consider "conservative." 
None of them think I'm inherently inferior and deserving of being socially outcast the way that Card does. 
It's not simply about being a conservative. I have no problem going to businesses run by conservatives, though if they fund conservative political campaigns I'll probably avoid their business and go to their competitor just to not fund the destruction of my own ideals. If you just vote your conscience every few years like I do and you happen to disagree with me, no problem. 
I'm just a simple person trying to get by in good society. Card thinks government should treat me as a less-than and try to dictate my sexual desires to me by restricting liberties and overriding my own personality. What's so conservative about that? If you're a small government advocate, being told how to live like that should scare you.

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@drakattack said:
" Buy a 360. Stop complaining "
Only after you switch to Linux first, dude.
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Uh, I bought the DVD release of the original Starcraft/Brood War cinematics for something pretty close to that, and that was before the Activision thing when Blizzard was an independent.

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