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Carls Jr.. If I'm gonna have a burger from a fast food joint it better large and ridiculous to the point where I can feel my arteries clog just by looking at it. Other than that there's a local chipotle joint that I go to every now and again.

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Bethesda won. However, I am biased as fuck and just want to play the new Doom.

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4/6. On a pair of entry-level gaming headphones with an on-board sound card I can make out the difference between 128 and 320 kbps mp3, but found it difficult to assess the differences between 320 kbps and uncompressed wav for some of the tracks. Almost all of my music collection is in 320 kbps with some uncompressed files, so it doesn't surprise me that I can still tell the difference between 128 and 320 kbps.

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I prefer video games as a whole. It does not matter to me if the game is "indie" or "retail". What matters is that it looks interesting and entertains me.

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Man, I loved Titanfall last year when it launched. I loved it so much I got to the highest prestige level in the game around that time but stopped playing, waiting for new content. I meant to come back to it but then I heard about the changes since I left including the auto assault rifle nerf and I lost interest. I loved the feel when piloting the mech and I really loved the Last Titan Standing game mode. All of like 30 people played that game mode regularly before I left, though.

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I use my smartphone alot but I cannot justify the purchase of a new phone every time a new generation rolls out. I am perfectly fine staying one or two generations behind as nothing I use puts a strain on my phone such that it cannot run it. I currently use an LG G2, but I have no intentions of moving up to a G3. I think I can squeeze another two years out of this phone before the times demand I upgrade.

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Everybody has different tastes in games. If I happen to like a game that many people dislike, then who cares? What matters is that I enjoy the game. I couldn't care less about what others think, and I'm not going to waste time swaying the personal opinions of others.

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PSN: Commissar_Rev, West coast, PST

This is one of those games where I just laugh when something bad or dumb happens, like when I park my walker under a drop pod because I wasn't paying attention.

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The game made it somewhat apparent that something bad was going to happen once you leave Harth (basically "hey man, don't go unless you're REALLY ready to go") so I stocked up on potions and mega potions before the encounter. The hardest part was dealing with the blight mechanic introduction in that small space while attempting to defend yourself. Given the small space, it is insanely difficult to fight off the blight without having to take serious damage from the monster in exchange. I ended up blowing through all my potions and most of mega potions because I couldn't deal enough damage in time to stave off the blight most of the time before it reached full infection, turning its blight AoEs into DoT fields as well. Didn't cart once, though.

I treated the encounter as a scene to set the monster up as an antagonist, a challenge to inspire the player to improve and eventually overcome.

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I win most of my matches as a hunter and have been playing with random people almost all of the time. Most randos do a pretty good job of pinging when they see the monster and doing their job when you start ending up with a decent MMR. You might have to offer advice from time to time such as telling the trapper to follow you so you can cut off the monster as a support or telling Lazarus to not go for a revive when the monster is sitting on the corpse. When I lose, it's usually because of positioning errors or bad decisions.

That said, I have yet to play a game as hunter where every other person has no idea what they're doing. At least one other person on the team knows how to play their class.