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I currently attend the University of Phoenix's online campus working towards a degree, and close to completing it. prior to this, I attended a community college and took both ground and online courses and found that the classes did not fit my schedule then, and I had to work with a lot of idiots. I do like the fact that online classes are flexible. There is a lot of self-discipline involved, and that low barrier-of-entry associated with this instituion means that there are a lot of bad students within the institution that don't care. However, I think that in the end if you learn from your education and can practically apply it, then I don't think the experience has been a waste of time. There have been many instances where the teammates I get for team assignments are complete idiots, but that's them, not me. Most I have completed myself because I treated it as another opportunity to learn something. I want to learn all that I can from my field of study during my time there and onwards. The only problem that I see is the stigma associated with getting a college degree online during the hiring process. I will have to contend with the fact that my degree will not be seen as a legitimate one from some companies, and I think that's ignoranace. Most employers I have talked to seem to treat the degree as a checkmark for a position without discriminating by college.

In the end, I think that college is what you make of it, both online and offline.

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Man, do I want to sit in on the postmortem for this game!

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Good to hear. I don't have a PS3, so I missed out on the first Valkyria Chronicles. I played a bit of the sequel and liked what I played, but I wanted to go back and play the first game. Now I can without buying a PS3!

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I wonder if it will go on sale for any cheaper than $349 during a Black Friday sale.

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Hopefully these changes will carry a noticeable impact in the Crucible.

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Well, thank goodness I bought that 3DS XL last year!

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Nah, I don't need a Kinect. The only thing I would miss from not having one is screaming "Xbox record that!" when a game has a freakout and glitches out.

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Probably some kind of club drug.

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I might regret that I spent time playing a video game I perceive as bad, but not the time I have spent with them. I am able to balance video gaming with other aspects of my life, so I am not the activity as a whole.

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Either one when they're good. I picked wrestling because when it's bad and someone screws up bad enough to end up on a Botchamania video, it's hilarious.