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The game made it somewhat apparent that something bad was going to happen once you leave Harth (basically "hey man, don't go unless you're REALLY ready to go") so I stocked up on potions and mega potions before the encounter. The hardest part was dealing with the blight mechanic introduction in that small space while attempting to defend yourself. Given the small space, it is insanely difficult to fight off the blight without having to take serious damage from the monster in exchange. I ended up blowing through all my potions and most of mega potions because I couldn't deal enough damage in time to stave off the blight most of the time before it reached full infection, turning its blight AoEs into DoT fields as well. Didn't cart once, though.

I treated the encounter as a scene to set the monster up as an antagonist, a challenge to inspire the player to improve and eventually overcome.

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I win most of my matches as a hunter and have been playing with random people almost all of the time. Most randos do a pretty good job of pinging when they see the monster and doing their job when you start ending up with a decent MMR. You might have to offer advice from time to time such as telling the trapper to follow you so you can cut off the monster as a support or telling Lazarus to not go for a revive when the monster is sitting on the corpse. When I lose, it's usually because of positioning errors or bad decisions.

That said, I have yet to play a game as hunter where every other person has no idea what they're doing. At least one other person on the team knows how to play their class.

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At least it will probably get a Quick Look from Vinny/Alex I guess? Not sure who would review it though.

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I play support a whole lot. I've started playing Cabot frequently during skirmish because of how often I see Wraiths. I usually hope that my teammates pick Val and Abe to hopefully keep the monster in a constant slow once we see it and bring it down pre-stage 3. Barring that, most of the random teammates usually hang out at the relay when the monster is stage 3 and put up some sort of last stand. As Cabot, I hang back at a distance and provide support when I can until the team inevitably wipes, and then attempt to run down the clock/get reinforcements by hanging way back and dust tagging the relay and shooting through it to stop the Wraith from hitting it. When the Wraith gets mad and charges me, I cloak and hide. Most get disinterested and go back to the power relay, especially if they're pressured by the clock. Then I go back, dust tag/shoot through relay from distance, rinse, repeat. It's a very tedious strategy and requires a hell of a lot of patience, but unless I have a very specific combination of hunters or really good players I stand a better chance of winning by timer scamming.

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Gunlance. It is a gun AND a lance in one weapon!

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I currently attend the University of Phoenix's online campus working towards a degree, and close to completing it. prior to this, I attended a community college and took both ground and online courses and found that the classes did not fit my schedule then, and I had to work with a lot of idiots. I do like the fact that online classes are flexible. There is a lot of self-discipline involved, and that low barrier-of-entry associated with this instituion means that there are a lot of bad students within the institution that don't care. However, I think that in the end if you learn from your education and can practically apply it, then I don't think the experience has been a waste of time. There have been many instances where the teammates I get for team assignments are complete idiots, but that's them, not me. Most I have completed myself because I treated it as another opportunity to learn something. I want to learn all that I can from my field of study during my time there and onwards. The only problem that I see is the stigma associated with getting a college degree online during the hiring process. I will have to contend with the fact that my degree will not be seen as a legitimate one from some companies, and I think that's ignoranace. Most employers I have talked to seem to treat the degree as a checkmark for a position without discriminating by college.

In the end, I think that college is what you make of it, both online and offline.

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Man, do I want to sit in on the postmortem for this game!

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Good to hear. I don't have a PS3, so I missed out on the first Valkyria Chronicles. I played a bit of the sequel and liked what I played, but I wanted to go back and play the first game. Now I can without buying a PS3!

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I wonder if it will go on sale for any cheaper than $349 during a Black Friday sale.

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Hopefully these changes will carry a noticeable impact in the Crucible.