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I'd like to send my deepest condolences Jeff. The gb crew has been through a lot these past couple years and I can't even imagine how you are feeling.

Take as much time off as you can, Dan and Drew got things under control...

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This must of been a pretty hard post for you to write Patrick, but sometimes expressing your feelings in a public forum can help aid in the healing process. Great post.

RIP RTD & Mr Klepik

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Man this was so shocking...

What makes it even more heart wrenching is the fact that he had just gotten married less than a week ago.

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Hayter's profile picture on Twitter is now Kieffer Sutherland, doesn't seem like he's taking it to well...

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That is terrible, and just as his hard work was coming to fruition.


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DrWhat got the internet goin nutzz.

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Spectacular! This should be the new intro for ALL GB special features...

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It's his opinion, fucking get over it. Not everyone has to agree with your tastes or preferences..What an immature argument. At least Shane backed up WHY he thought the way he did instead of making a random statement.