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I usualy don't post, probably never did but this is a special circumstance. This is a great loss and I only wish to say that even tough I did not know Ryan I been following him indirectly by taking part of media he has been present in sence the gamespot days. Best of wishes to the family and the giant bomb crew. my thought is with you.

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Am I the only one playing trough the first one and struggle to remember anything? :P
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There is more differances then that. the controls is not at all what I like them to be. the open door button is in the wrong place, the left trigger is not possible to map to shoot and the right to aim. the y button for changing weapon? and the aiming is so inprecise there should be a sense configuration for the aming too and not just the looking. the postitive thing as the hot spot would say is.. the xbutton does still reload :P what strikes me is how easy this game is compared to the original. I played halft the game now and I gotten used to it. And finaly, is it just me or is the one hit kill option gone? This spoils the game in mp.
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The Brian Ekberg one is awezome. Way to drop old references :D
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I'm having the same problem, using a 100mbit fiber cable. I can't imagine the speed being the issue. It's as previosly said really sad however.