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Alright didn't watch the ppv but just taking a peek over the results and it seems it was a real winner.

The one thing that sticks out to me the most is Erick Rowan. After having him turn face and get an honestly surprising amount of love from the crowd, giving him a new nick name (IT'S BIG RED, MAGGLE), and a kinda elaborate backstory... you have him lose his first real singles match to The Big Show? Why? No one cares about Show anymore! He's going to get nothing out of it, and now Rowan will probably fade back into obscurity because why should the fans care about this giant dude who hates bullies if he can't actually do anything about it?

Booooooooooourns, WWE.

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@demoskinos: What is this "not watching wrestling" thing? I don't think that's even possible, you're clearly lying.

I sit down for Raw every Monday but hardly actually watch it, I've just started to use that 3 and a half hour timeslot to catch up on other things and just kinda chill out. It's not so bad.

On last night, did anyone catch Steamboat's reaction to the MOTY winner? He gave that card the a cold long stare after saying it. SO GOOD.

(and god damn Steamboat still looks great)

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MADNESS! I'm really happy that Punk is finally getting to do the things he wants to do. Curious to see how he'll do, but even if he doesn't do well that's one off his bucket list.

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My Dalish rogue Choa'ri! Definitely my favourite character I've created in a game.

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@gorillamopena: Ryback is honestly one of my favourite people in wrestling, he just seems like such a damn good guy. I hope this run goes well for him, give him more mic time!

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@papercut: You forgot me! This grave injustice will not go unpunished.

I didn't watch HiaC last night, but a Wyatt/Ambrose feud sounds great to me, though I'm with everyone else in wishing that Rollins/Ambrose had some kind of closure.

Wish Orton would've won his match as he has been working his tail off recently and I would have LOVED to have see Orton vs Brock, but that got Cena'd. Oh well.

From what I heard Nikki vs Brie was pretty good, which really isn't surprising but still makes me happy to hear. Those two are starting to find their place in the ring, with Nikki in particular working really well as a hoss. If Total Divas has to be the thing that makes the WWE take women's wrestling seriously again, so be it. Hopefully the crowd can do the same.

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WWE Tag Team Champions Gold & Stardust vs. The Usos - WWE Tag Team Championship Match

Winner (2 pts): Goldust & Stardust

Method of Victory (2 pts): Pin

Person who gets the win (1 pt): Stardust

Person who takes the fall (1 pt): Jey Uso

Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler vs. Cesaro - 2-out-of-3 Falls Match for the Intercontinental Championship

Winner (2 pts): Cesaro

Winner of fall 1 (1 pt): Cesaro

Method of victory of fall 1 (1 pt): Pin

Winner of fall 2 (1 pt): Dolph Ziggler

Method of victory of fall 2 (1 pt): Pin

Winner of fall 3 (if necessary) (1 pt): Cesaro

Method of victory of fall 3 (if necessary) (1 pt): Pin

Brie Bella vs. Nikki Bella - Loser must Become Winner's Personal Assistant for 30 Days

Winner (2 pts): Nikki Bella

Method of victory (2 pts): Pin

Does JJ Bella Garcia get involved in the match? (2 pts): No

United States Champion Sheamus vs. The Miz - United States Championship Match

Winner (2 pts): Miz

Method of victory (2 pts): Pin

Does Damien Mizdow get involved in the match? (2 pts): Yes

Divas Champion AJ Lee vs. Paige - Divas Championship Match

Winner (2 pts): AJ Lee

Method of victory (2 pts): Pin

Does Alicia Fox get involved in the match? (2 pts): No

Big Show vs. Rusev

Winner (2 pts): Rusev

Method of victory (2 pts): Submission

Does Mark Henry get involved in the match? (2 pts): Yes (unless just coming out to cheer doesn't count, then No)

John Cena vs. Randy Orton - Hell in a Cell Match Where the Winner Will Get A WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match Against Brock Lesnar

Winner (2 pts): Randy Orton

Method of victory (2 pts): Pinfall

Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins - Hell in a Cell Match

Winner (2 pts): Dean Ambrose

Method of victory (2 pts): Pinfall

Bonus Question: What match main events Hell in a Cell? (4 pts): Ambrose vs Rollins

Krazy stuff:

Big Show apologizes to Rusev and shakes his hand, Rusev accepts

Mizdow is mistaken for Miz and wins the US title

Someone makes a Final Fantasy VII reference

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I'm not a fan of Miku, but I heard her to be the absolute most fascinating thing. The fact that we now live in a world where a 100% computer generated hologram can sell out a massive stadium to an adoring crowd is amazing.

The world is a pretty cool place!

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@gorillamopena: First time I've seen that and maaaan that's incredible. That dude is pretty damn agile for his size and age.

I'll spill my two cents into the name debate. I don't think it's a big deal at all. If they'd have been given actual bad names I could see some reason for concern as it could spell out the kind of gimmick they have, but the names KENTA and Devitt were given? They're totally fine! I really don't understand the backlash over two fairly normal sounding names. If anything I actually like them.

Could've been much much worse.

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