Games that are not yet released that I'm totally hyped for.
Full dates are in the format MM/DD/YYYY with apologies to European readers. The top ten are in order of anticipation.

List items

Posted by ahoodedfigure

Quality list here.  Looking forward to seeing how your expectations match up with your impressions :)

Posted by raddevon
@ahoodedfigure: Thank you. I'm sure I will post my impressions here on Giant Bomb when I finally get to try them out!
Posted by raddevon

Taking a look, my list is going to be really clearing out in the next month. A lot of these games will be moving to either my wishlist or collection. That means it is a great month!

Posted by scarace360

If im still alive when diablo 3 comes out ill gladly play it for ever.

Posted by raddevon
@scarace360: If there were a joke which had not already been made about the inevitably long development cycle of Diablo 3, I would make it now. In lieu of that, I will simply agree.
Posted by Almak

Outstanding list! Glad to see other people take notice and discover Guild Wars series. :)

Posted by raddevon
@Almak: Thank you! Since playing Guild Wars, I can't even think about paying to play an MMO. I always thought MMOs not charging monthly were of lesser quality, but Guild Wars showed me the error of my ways.