Games for couples

These are games that my wife and I have enjoyed playing together. I do not guarantee your own success in playing these with your significant other, but it may be worth a shot.

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Left 4 Dead 2 turned out to be a great on the couch couple game. If you haven't already you guys should give it a shot!
P.S. we had the same issue with RE5's split screen. I have a huge tv and alot of screen real estate was wasted!

Posted by raddevon
@ex_machina: Thanks for the suggestion. I will try to talk my wife into it!
Posted by Nasar7

You really should add LittleBigPlanet onto your list. My gf doesn't play games at all and she absolutely loves it, we play together all the time.

Posted by raddevon
@Nasar7: I really wish I could get my wife into that game. I thought it would be something she could enjoy, but she doesn't dig it for whatever reason. My daughter, on the other hand...
Posted by CompleteInanity

I've been thinking of picking up Sacred 2 for a while now.
My wife and I enjoy playing local coop games, but there are so few available anymore. We had fun playing through Trine together, it's a beautiful game, although it was frustrating at points (namely the final level, which they decided to make obscenely difficult and impossible to play cooperatively).

Posted by raddevon
@CompleteInanity: Sorry for taking so long to reply. I own Trine but have never tried to get my wife to play it. I'll work on that soon. Thanks!
Posted by JamesTheFishy

I love this list. I tried GOL with my fiance and we both enjoyed it. Check out FLOCK! on steam. I usually go for the 1 pc 2 controller games.

Posted by raddevon
@JamesTheFishy: Thank you! I will take a look at Flock. Perhaps it will see some discounting in this year's holiday Steam sale. That might be just the motivation I need to pick it up.
Posted by JamesTheFishy
@raddevon:  check out trine as well. I mainly play couch co-op pc games with my fiance, any suggestions that are not on the list?
Posted by Descaped

Funny fact is: I love zombie games like L4D2 and I like shooters and almost every game that exists. But my BF doesn't like the games I play and I mostly don't like the games what he is playing, we like a few together, but those are single player games, like Fallout and State of Decay. Now he ordered Little Big Planet, wich is awesome! But we live far from each other and we just want a PC game witch we can play together :3

Any suggestions?