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allegedly theres a free upgrade from 8 to 10. 7 is fine too if you already have it.

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wait for the 900 series, or buy something used thats powerful

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when the fuck is peggle 2 pc

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I thought they were calling it something different.

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I like the idea of giant bomb blowing up all the other gaming sites (or ghosts), nice job!

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"We think it can really change the experience in a whole bunch of ways, and, frankly, we hope we see game creators come up with amazon things that could only happen when you're connected to the cloud because they're using that power." I don't think he said amazon. also this guy says frankly too much, for a guy dodging and giving non-answers.

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these games are never coming out are they? Im not kickstarting anything else until I see some finished games.

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what the fuck?

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video games are dead. long live video games.

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Huge fans, they said. Not huge enough.