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We have all (probably) tried one or many 30 day challenges. If you don't know what they are, it's trying something new or different for 30 days. It could be cooking something you have never eaten before every day, or working out consistently for 30 days, etc. I have been wanting to get into writing for a while now and I have done a little in the past. I wrote a couple of reviews, became news editor at a couple of websites, and had the occasional blog here and there but never consistently written anything for quite a while now.

Until today.

This month's blog entries will be just me giving my thoughts on different subjects. They are going to be all over the place I'm telling you now but I see it as a way of getting my feet wet again writing. I will be following the same style of blog as Good Ol' JR. Oh, and go buy some of his BBQ products. They are worth it.

For as much doom and gloom that we were getting about the WWE Network numbers, they weren't as bad as I thought they were going to be. Sure, they could be a hell of a lot better, but man I was expecting worse numbers than what they actually got. I got the Network as soon at launch and aside from the first couple of days of playback error, it has run smoothly ever since and that includes live PPV. I don't have much to gripe about it other than WHY ISN'T WCW MONDAY NITRO ON THE NETWORK!


One of the problems the WWE Network seems to have is there isn't enough content for the casual viewer to convince them to pay $10/mo or $20/mo. For as much value as I see the WWE Network having, they don't. They will watch Raw and catch the occasional "Big" PPV and seem more than content with that. The $20/mo seems to be the plan that they will most likely look at and say "Hey! For $20 I can watch Summerslam/Survivor Series/Wrestlemania/Royal Rumble and not pay the $60+ normally! And I can cancel at any time! I'm in!" (This fake person is really excited btw)

With the roll out soon to International markets will certainty help, and I think in a couple of years it will be fine. Will WWE be patient enough to wait that long? Probably not. But they don't have a choice.

How great has NXT been consistently since...probably the last year or so. There will maybe be one or two episodes in a month where it just comes and goes, but more often than not each episode has good wrestling and it's awesome to see these guys grow up right in front of you (or in front of your TV, or monitor, or tablet, or phone). Last night's show was another good episode that is building toward's the next (NXT?) live special on September 11th with a fatal four way for the NXT title between Sami Zayn, Tyler Breeze, Tyson Kidd & current champion Adrian Neville. My brother and I were talking about NXT and the discussion soon led to who would be called up next to the main roster and I was dumbfounded when He replied that he feels Breeze will have a hard time on the main roster because his gimmick is done (to a very vague certain extent) by The Miz and Dolph Ziggler (who wouldn't want to be compared to Ziggler!) and he does have a point...somewhat. While I think he has a high hill to climb, he has the athletic & mic skills to hold his own and really shine under that gimmick. I mean, the man sings his own theme song! If you sing your own theme song, you're solid gold baby.

Charlotte is doing fantastic as champion, and I don't see anyone talking the belt from her for a long, long time.She's light years ahead of everyone on that roster (and the main roster as well). She's gonna be something when she gets the call up.

I don't like The Ascension. That's all I got.

Say what you will about Adam Rose, but he & Tyson Kidd had a great main event match on this show. Seriously. I never not liked Adam Rose, but when you give him 5+ minutes in a throwaway match, what do you expect? Trust me, if you don't think he has the skills to hold his own in the ring, watch this match. Tyson deserves alot of that credit as well, but Rose brings it.

PlayStation Now went into public beta yesterday and while the promise of streaming games is good and all...the prices are not. I'm more than positive that the prices will definitely change once PS+ is integrated into all of this, but I don't know anyone who is willing to pay for only 90 days of usage. If all of the games are available in a subscription plan with unlimited play, then PlayStation Now will succeed. Until then, this will be a nice idea but no one will buy rentals when they can just purchase the games at cheaper prices.

With the news of TNA potentially losing their TV deal with Spike, it seems like the end for the promotion is near. Which makes it even worse because last night's show was good. The Wolves vs. The Hardys was fantastic (that finish though...ouch), seeing Low-Ki in the ring will always make me a happy viewer, him winning was a plus as well.

What are they doing with James Storm? He was a pretty good wrestler but lately he seems to be the mentor o Sanada since he turned on The Great Muta. If Sanada decided that having James Storm as your mentor would be more beneficial to his career than The Great Muta, you ain't gonna make it kid. It's also stupid.

The Dixie Carter/Bully Ray stuff is what it is. I mean, I get it and it's all leading up to her getting power bombed through a table on next week's show (don't worry about me spoiling it because TNA did just that by showing snippets of it at the end of the show yesterday. I mean, why not at this point right? )

Samoa Joe back in the X-Division? Sure. Seeing Homicide back was cool as well, I always enjoyed his work. I hope this is the beginning of a resurgence for Joe. It's been too long since I've said "Samoa Joe is the best wrestler going right now".

The main event saw Bobby Lashley retaining the World Title over Austin Aries in a great main event. Lashley has come a long way from where he was in WWE to now. I'm not saying he's a great pro wrestler but he can certainly go. Aries did a fantastic job selling us that despite the size difference, he was going to win the world title. Superb work from both guys and definitely recommend you watch this match, and this show.

I'll end this blog entry with something a little bit personal. I will be attending college for the first time in my life next Monday. Unfortunately, it's not at Greendale (although if my Community college was like Greendale I would be more than happy to be the Troy to someone's Abed). It's been quite the journey for me academically, I've gone through grades where I've done fantastic (I once had a 4.0 in 7th grade) and some where I have not (HS Senior year in particular) but I've always put my best into School despite the struggles I may have had. It'll be the first time in 8 years that I have been inside a classroom and I'm excited & nervous for it. I don't know what to expect, but I do know that will give it my all and in the end, that's all anyone can ask of you.

Thanks for reading.

Until next time.

- Armando

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