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I play Magic with a friend once in blue moon and have a sack full of cards I rarely use, what I love about Magic is the art and the clever flavor text.

Only played Yu-gi-Oh for a little while before switching to Magic because I found the health and damage numbers in Yu-Gi-Oh to be rather unnecessary big, I prefer the low numbers, more play and less math.

I used to play the two Yugi games on PC that came out quite a while ago but there has not been a good game out ever since, the DS games mostly all the same.

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The only thing I watch television for is The News in the morning, I download my sports(MMA) because it isn't available as a service in my country. 700 Channels and 98 percent is pure garbage, 50 bucks a year for it is a waste of money but having no digital television channels is weird too.

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The Kettlemans were pure gold.

Mrs. Kettleman: You're the kind of lawyer guilty people hire

hands him a pack of dirty money

The whole delivery was perfect.


Mrs. Kettleman: "This isn't about what's legal. Slavery used to be legal. Human slavery. "

Jimmy: "Yeah...it's right up there with that."

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@mordukai said:
@arkade_kalamity said:

I've owned a razer blackwidow ultimate for a few years now and no complaints. Kickass keyboard.

Same here. Great keyboard.

Honestly though. In my experience the best hardware is the one that feels best to you. I used to be a major Logitech fanboy but in recent years the quality of their products has been declining which made me gravitate towards other companies.

On any case, my buddy has Steelseries and he swears by it.

Also have one, great keyboards. They're rather clicky so prepare for people on skype to comment and asking if you're on a typewriter.

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I had a computer since I was very young and have been typing since, never had a typing course or anything and I can type blind pretty fast. Sometimes I'm just typing things out while looking at the screen and get often remarks from people about my blind and fast typing haha.

If you want to learn to type and fast although that is optional, just type. Write articles, stories, hang out on forums and write up a bunch of posts about something you like etc. Practice makes perfect.

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@Levius said:

When in doubt, buy the Sennhieser in your price range.

I have the Sennheiser CX 300 II Precision In-Ear headphone for my MP3 player and phone and they are amazing.

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I order a lot of shirts from Teefury, I can get a shirt for 10 bucks plus 4 bucks UPS shipping, even less if I wanted more shirts and get the shirt within a week., and that's from the US to The Netherlands. Even ordering two shirts from J-List was cheaper and faster.

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I decided on the Audio Technica x20 and have been happy with them so far, even though the cord is ridiculously long, still appreciate the suggestions though!

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I had to pay 40 euro for import costs on top of the already pricey shipping when I got the shirt with the membership. It also took a month for it to arrive. It's a shame, I really want a hoodie and a shirt but I'm not emptying my already slim bank account for a shirt.

I had shipped in from Japan that was cheaper and faster.

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I'm still waiting tor my N3DS to arrive and the targeting system works pretty well, I just with it kept targeted instead of having to tab the L button every 5 seconds.