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Posted by Ravenlight

360 S: 
Anyone have one of these things yet that didn't get it at E3? 
If so, where did you buy it?

Posted by Xeiphyer
@Ravenlight: You really don't need to make an all caps topic title (And spell it wrong lol). Also, you could have easily said 'Where can I buy a new 360?'
People are more likely to read your topic, and thus help you, if you don't act like a 12 year old on the internet. This isn't 4chan or YouTube.
As for an answer, The 360s shipped to all major retailers, so they should be there already, or arriving soon. However from what I have heard there will be WAY less 360s than there is demand for, so don't expect to get one unless you are camping overnight at the store to be first in line or something.
Give it a few weeks, and they should be more available.
Posted by Ravenlight
@Xeiphyer: ;) right you are.  
Counter to popular belief, capslock is NOT cruise control for cool. 
Posted by aproposshadows

I'm hopefully getting it tomorrow there's three left at gamestop lol I just need my roomate too buy my old 360 since I'll have enough then