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@metzo_paino: Congrats! I am only a few days post YOU DEFEATED myself, and like you I have a huge backlog...but I'm doing NG+ anyway. It's a whole different kind of fun this time around!

NG+ is really fun. I made it to Sen's in the same time it took me to get through the Undead Burgh the first time. The increased health and damage doesn't really get in your face until the latter half of NG+ but it mixes up the combat when it does because you need to use variations on the tactics that saw you through NG.

If you're still not sick of it after that, NG++ makes you feel like a level 1 newbie since even basic mobs are difficult against your max-level equipment. Praise the sun! \T/

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I dunno, Blighttown is definitely a bastard at first. But eventually you master it and make it your bitch (this can take half a dozen playthroughs but it happens eventually) and it feels awesome.

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Hahahaaa CDs. I'm living in the all-digital future, baby!

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Relationships are nice but there's something to be said for steak bowls.

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Jade Empire was way lame and sort of racist in a lot of ways.

Interestingly enough, I wouldn't say "racism" is one of the reasons I think Jade Empire is sort of lame. I could see why someone could claim racism though.

Okay, I guess racism is sort of a bad way to describe it. Lazy writing and poor voice acting came together in a few areas to make some characters seem like crappy sterotypes.

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Tokyo Godfathers and a whole pint of ice cream.

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Right, so from what I gather you're suggesting that I vote for this game not because it's a good game, but because the creator has been targeted by sexist assholes?

Sorry, no thanks. That seems like an incredibly condescending thing to do to the developer. I'll check out her game and vote for it if I think it deserves a vote, not out of pity.

Please approach the Greenlight campaign from this position. It does no good if it passes Greenlight due to sympathy votes.

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PC version, no contest.

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The great equalizer in Dark Souls: everyone does something stupid at some point.

Try jumping.

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Dark Messiah is not a good game. It is however the premier kicking-dudes-into-and-off-of-things simulator.

Jade Empire was way lame and sort of racist in a lot of ways.