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PC version, no contest.

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The great equalizer in Dark Souls: everyone does something stupid at some point.

Try jumping.

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Dark Messiah is not a good game. It is however the premier kicking-dudes-into-and-off-of-things simulator.

Jade Empire was way lame and sort of racist in a lot of ways.

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You can't go wrong with a gin and tonic but I'm all about Dark N Stormys when I can find the ingredients: Add one part Gosling's Black Seal rum to three parts Gosling's ginger beer. Garnish with a slice of lime. You can substitute the rum or ginger beer if Gosling's isn't available but you'll be missing out.

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I'm all about gimlets. 1 part lime juice, 1.5 parts gin, 1 tsp powdered sugar. Really easy to make, and quite good. You can also use vodka. I think both are great. I may be a bit biased since I have a lime tree though.

Gin gimlets are indeed the best, although my personal recipe is for a lot more gin and a lot less lime juice. Usually a rocks glass about three-quarters full of gin (accounting for the volume of a big-ass piece of ice) with a quarter of a lime squeezed in. Haven't tried powdered sugar yet, but I should probably just make up a batch of simple syrup to add here, as it really does add a lot of taste. Can add a bit of fizzy water if you like carbonation, too.

If you use Rose's Sweetened Lime Juice you can safely skip the sugar. Try with Hendrick's Gin for a real trip for your tastebuds.

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The Die Hard soundtrack is the only correct answer here.

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Well no wonder you don't remember any characters. You blew the best one up with the rest of Megaton. RIP Moira.

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Between $3 and $5.

I consider $4 to be the baseline tip for bringing food to my door. You get 25% more or less depending on how much you suck/rock.

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Welcome to PC gaming circa forever.

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I haven't paid full price for a game since this thread was created.

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WHAT ABOUT EASTERN BLOC GAMES, HUH? That's where the real important stuff is happening these days.

Also, neither of the Souls games make it onto the list?


You utter fool.

Try jumping.