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'Your friend has joined a Party: Cigs66' - Ah man, a Cigs66 party, we need another one of those on UPF soon.

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Dan Ryckert will tell you what things are and aren't illegal. He's like the Hat Judge of legality.

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@mento said:

Guys, remember the Golden Rule here: Always pick Ninja Kid.

Sorry, I mean the other Golden Rule: Don't be a jerk.

But aren't you a jerk if you pick Ninja Kid? I'm so confused.

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@razielcuts: Thank you. Always nice to see the Smiths referenced, even if it's not on purpose.

Do you mean to tell me that among all that ICP, Riff Raff and E-40 @jeff isn't a closeted Smiths fan?

Yeah, probably not :D

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Dino Crisis starts at the 36 min mark if people, like myself, are looking.

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@groin said:

@superdomino said:

So I've only played Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Rising Revengeance so at what point does Raiden go from this to crazy action cyborg ninja?


Man, I remember watching the first trailer to MGS4 over and over again it was so bad ass. Raiden just jumping from Moo-ing Cow Metal Gear to Metal Gear with the sword clutched in his feet, ah, so good!

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I think I'm the first person to say this but Jeff may be here to warn us?

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That thumbnail: Take anything you want, Alex, but please, don't hurt me.


Alex and Vinny are going to San Fran soon? GOTY discussions perhaps? Yay?