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Seriously, what is this?  Are you all really that proud of yourselves for being above it all?  If it's jerkwads you're talking about, well, I hate to ruin this little group self-affirmation, but they'll be here wether you like it or not.  Wether you have a System Wars or not.  Friendly and spirited debate is the glue that holds any forum together.  What the lot of you are proposing is stodgy and boring.  You should seriously all be ashamed of yourselves, falling all over one another for your chance to proudly state how righteous you are.  Y'know, if any of you were truly as above it all as you're stating, you'd have resisted showing off your pristine countenance in this thread.  A lot of respectable and respectful people come from system wars & it pisses me off to see the stuff-shirted elitism on exhibition here.  The way most of you here are acting is no better than the douchebaggery that you so self-righteously piss on.  It's an embarrassing trail of mastubatory posts and gratuitous attempts to get the site creators to notice you.  My faith in what this place was going to be has really slipped today.

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System Wars was just fine back at Gspot when it was being moderated properly.  Met a lot of people there who are still good friends of mine.  Also, Giant Bomb is in, what, it's first day or two of beta?  Might wanna give it a month or two before you start declaring it devoid of dickwads/fellating the site creators.