I think I need a new internet avatar (I am not The_ Laughing_Man)

I just want to state right here right now I am not The_ Laughing_Man

I am a completely diffident person just saying

So now I am going to get to the long and the short of it ever since around 2006 I was singing up for web sites and most had a place for a avatar pic now with me being new to forums I just went with the first thing I could think of the Laughing Man Logo (Keep in mind this was around the time they were showing Ghost in the Shell on Adult Swim). Now for as long as I have been on the internet I have never seen anyone but me use this pic until a few years ago when I joined this site with out knowing there was some one else using the exact same pic. Now he is a big poster and I am not but I am sick to death of people getting us confused and now today someone who I have had on my Steam friends list for a long time msg me thinking I am The Laughing Man and that is the straw that broke the camel's back.

So in a long and roundabout why I am asking if I should get a new avatar pic and if so does anyone have any suggestions on what it should be I do have a friend who will make me a custom one if I ask the thing is that I have not looked for an avatar pic in 5 years so I really don't know what I want.

One last time I am rb_man

Edit: So now thanks to one of my friend who does that stuff with the graphics and the design this is my new avatar


I am sick to death of everyone saying Effect 1 was better.

In recent day there have been a quite a few of why Mass Effect 2 sucks/is worst them ME1 posts and god damn I am just sick of it. So right here right now I am going to say why I think Mass Effect 1 was not the best game ever and how Mass Effect 2 was over all a better game.

Lets start off with what were the most evident problems with ME1 at the same time going over the positive aspects.

The Bad

  1. The Shooting it just feels sloppy and unsatisfying. What I mean is the lack of feeling that what you are doing has an impact on the enemy.
  2. The Inventory system: Sure there is one but every thing feels like every thing else none of the weapons feel distinct. (Until you use ammo mods) Not to mention the fact near the end of the game you have to stop every 10 min to turn every thing to Gel.
  3. The Mako: This is a point of contention between everyone so here is my feeling yes it makes the world feel very large but at the same time very empty. You can land on all these different worlds but at the same time the is almost nothing to do on those worlds aside from the mission
  4. The Side Missions: Are very poorly copy and pasted environments with a small variation on shot the dudes.
  5. The Main Story is Short: As far as I an tell the main story only has about 10 missions (Eden Prime then get the 3 team mates from the Citadel and the 3 places be for you go to Saren's base then you go through the relay and the battle of the Citadel and you are done)
  7. You Can't sprint out side of combat also it runs out super fast.

Now to be fair Mass Effect one dose have some very good points

The Good

  1. The Main Story: Even with it being a little on the short side each mission is memorial and distinctive
  2. The Main Bad Guy: Saren is a really good antagonist he is that rare breed of being both stronger and smarter that Shepard with just a dash of ruthless and madness along with not knowing whether or not his is in control

Now lets move on to Mass Effect 2

The Bad

  1. The Main Story: Well there is not much there and its not that great
  2. Most of the New Human Teammates: Marina, Jacob, and Jack seem very stereotypical and one dimensional
  3. No Grenades

The Good

  1. The Weapons: There are not a lot but each one feels diffident each other
  2. The Dossier and Loyalty Missions: If you ask me the best part of the whole game each one being new and exciting. AT the same time giving great depth to each of the teammates
  3. The The Interrupts System: It just adds a real visceral felling of being Shepard.
  4. The Combat; Sure it is your standard 3rd person cover based shooter but it super sappy and just well thought out.
  5. The Galaxy: It is just more expansive you see more walks off life such as Omega and The Migrant Fleet its not just the wonder and spender of the Citadel
  6. Good Verity of Henchmen: I will admit most of them are re-skins but there are still many more then in mass effect 1.

But for me here is the clincher take 2 missions one from Mass Effect 1 and one from Mass Effect 2

Garrus: Find Dr.Saleon and Garrus: Eye for an Eye

In both missions you are helping Garrus with whether or not he should kill some one in Dr.Saleon you fight thought a small ship and find the doctor and ether you tell Garrus to shot him or not. No mater what he dies its just Paragon or Renegade points. But on the other side of the coin you have Eye for an Eye were you have to come to a decision were you ether help Garrus get "Justice" or help him realize that killing some one will not make his guilt go away.(I like this mission so much I replayed it 5 times)

Well there you go I guess after writing this all I want is some objectivity. I mean quit spending all day saying one thing is better that the other both are good in there own merits.

“You can't have a better tomorrow if you are thinking about yesterday all the time.” Charles F. Kettering

Please Note: That is just being pissed the F off and trying to express my anger in constructive manner even if to dose not come out that way so take that as you will.


How to make a Let's Play : Part 1 how to overcome Stage fright

As of now I have made 15 episodes of my let's play and I have found it very helpful in helping me finish games. But as I have been ask by a few people how do you talk and not be self-conscious. Now for me that is easy I no self control and I don't care what people think about me. But I must admit that not all people are like me so here are 3 steps to try to help you over come your Stage fright. 
 Step 1: Just get your self talking 
Now for some this might be the hardest step just start by saying what ever comes in to your mind. Like I think this dude is going to try to kill me to this car is really handles poorly. Literary I mean anything a song a bad joke it dose not mater as long as you are talking  
Step 2: Just be your self 
One of the worst things you could do is try to adopat a persona that is not you or very unconvincing. Don't worry about what people will think just be you self and most importantly, have fun. 
Step 3: Take it slow  
Start of small with some thing simple and show it to people that will give you good helpful advice. Don't jump in head first you might just smash you head open. 
Step 4: Don't let you psych your self out  
Remember that video games are supposed to be fun you can record any thing if you are always worrying about weather people will like it. Remember it is the internet no mater what you will always fined some one who thinks you are the best thing since sliced bread. 
Step 5: Have fun 
Now this might sound like the easiest step but it is harder than you think. You have to try to have fun even when you have died for the 15th time. Remember that if you are not having fun nether will the people watching it.
Hopefully this will help some one overcome there Stage fright. This bears repeating HAVE FUN!  
  If you are interested  My Youtube Channel
P.S. I am going to one of these every couple days what would you like me to talk about next. 


Let's Play: How I hope to defeat my unwillingness to finish games

Let me start by asking how many of you have games you have never finished? Is it a lot, a few, or games were you have only ever played the multi player and  not the single player?
I currently have over 30 game I have not finished. Now I don't see my self finishing any of them with out some outside motivation. So thats why I decided after watching some let's plays I knew this would be a great motivator and it is. I am enjoying the hell out of it and I am further in to GTA 4 than I have even been before and I don't see my self stopping. In concision all I wanted to say is find your own why to go back to some of those game you have not finish you never know they could surprise you. 
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