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assassin's creed 3

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Can you take a screenshot of what it looks like? I was just able to post a comment on that video on Firefox on OS X fine.


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I tested with IE on windows 8 and subscribed to a premium feed. Didn't see any issues there for me.

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Will fix, thanks.

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More info on this thread:


TLDR: Issue has been identified and we are re-encoding the affected videos.

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The problem has been identified. We will be re-encoding the affected videos all today.

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Investigating..thanks for reporting.

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Awesome, glad to hear that!

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I've never tested this on Windows Media Center or XBMC..I'll see if I can find a machine with that installed to replicate. It could be that Windows Media Center just can't really handle authenticated RSS feeds.

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@ampersand81: Yeah, try resetting your password or requesting a temporary new one. @rorie should be able to assist with that if necessary.

Also, did the above link work?