Things.. just things..

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I haven't been on xbl lately, which is a sad thingy really because I do miss it and I miss everyone on there as well. Which reminds me of a story.. have you ever ran into or had a fair-weather friend.. sorta like a fair-weather fan but a little bit more 'sad'. I have a few of these type of friends on xbl.. sad really because I never saw it before. Long story short, I took a break from xbl because I've been playing xbl since the beginning.. way back when.. and I just needed a 'break'. But now that I've started playing again it seems like the ones I knew the best on xbl are a little 'niffed' that I took a break and umm, how shall I put this.. they/we don't game, cut-up like we use too.. I know you all have read the mis-adventures of goddess .. *giggling*  It's like I was replaced.. does that make sense? lol

So, my pondering thought for the day is: 

Why isn't it possible for certain guys to game with more than one female at a time? I mean..come on, I have to game with at least 5-6 guys at the same time.. why can't guys do the same thing? lol


New home?

So.. I have another blog'n home that I'll end up neglecting *giggling*

Seriously, I'm glad to be here.. I haven't post on the forums yet since they seem to be unruly and I really don't feel like babysitting or hanging out in a romper room.. *rolling my eyes*

For those of you that saw my profile earlier.. rock on but I decided to take down my pic because it was too 'in your face' sorta, kinda, in a round about way.... seriously, the site blew up the pic and it made my head look it belonged on the other end of a string.. lol

news flash: oh my.. stop the press, I actually found a few threads worth posting in.. lol