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What are the advantages and disadvantages of having or not having the network card?

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just let me know if u want to join. im not going for any achievements just to play and have fun

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Hey everyone im currently on halo 3 odst and I would like whoever wants to, to join my quest slaying covenant. im not going for any achievements , ust playing to have fun and quench my thirst to kill.

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Hey guys I need three other players that would be willing to help me get the deja vu vidmaster achievement on halo odst. im on Xbox live right now just waiting to send out invites

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I purchased battlefield 1943 a few hours after  it came out for download on the 360 and have not been to connect to one single match. I know the servers are overloaded, but this is bullshit. Dice and Microsoft should have been prepared, and after paying to play online, and also for the game this big of a professional mistake is inexcusable.

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 I will be traveling about 20-30 hours this summer maybe more and I have a old gameboy color. I have very little funds being a poor college student and im thinking about either buying some old gameboy color games  like pokemon or buying a new a ds lite.  I dont really want to spend the money on the ds lite but is it worth it? or should i just go out and spend money on some older games?

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jax this is not the site to be spreading your own propaganda . This site is for games not Political BS. and if you want my opinion on this retarted post less government equals less problems and capitalism is not greedy and evil its progress that builds a nation. greed is a emotional response from envious eyes. America needs another Ronald Reagan not a government growing obama.

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does anyone know of any open source software for video editing.

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M16 and M4 silenced with a USP .45 also silenced.

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