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My Tuesdays will never be the same.

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Jeff... god damnit man. I fucking love you.

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@JamesM said:
As opposed to the glorious reality of bug-free console gaming? "
Hah.. haha... HAHAHA. Yeah ok.
Maybe game breaking glitches don't happen as often on the consoles, but bug-free? yeah right dude.
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I am so done with Call of Duty.

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Regarding remote play, fair enough, I too have experience that (but I do not use the function much myself)
 As for the third party batteries, if you look around you can find Sony branded ones as well, they just cost more.
 Personally I don't really care about first party supported methods, those usually involve just being more expensive than actually being better.  I just make sure to do my research to ensure I'm getting good stuff.
As for the 360 battery pack, I heavily dislike it because my hands are on the bigger side. I only use wired controllers because that bulge more or less destroys the ergonomics for me completely.
In fact I kind of just hate the 360 to be honest, the live price gouging and this new controller just makes it worse if you ask me.
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@MrKlorox said:

I happen to like the removable battery. The biggest problem I have with the PS3 controller (aside from thumbstick placement) is the inability to pop out the battery to quickly and easily turn off the controller. Yes the bulge is annoying and could use a deeper seating, but the function is necessary for prolonged battery life.   However with my PS3, I have to leave it on and wait for it to time out to power off. This is unacceptable because you would have to buy a whole new controller once the internal battery refuses to charge. "

What are you talking about? Press and hold the PS button and go to "Turn off controller".. wow that was hard.
And no, you don't have to buy a whole new controller when the battery goes out completely.
Not only are these batteries cheaper than the 360 ones, last a hell of a lot longer, don't bulge out the bottom, they also aren't THAT hard to replace (helped by the fact that you just need a standard screw driver, not that security torx bullshit microsoft has the 360 controller.)
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I'm so glad I don't have an xbox. Seriously, fuck that console.

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I think I'll just wait for games that actually interest me, like BulletStorm.

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@Yelix said:
" Will this be archived? I can't stay up for much longer than another hour. "
@Yelix:  Yes. You can watch it later on ustream, even if giant bomb doesn't create their own archive.