Nintendo, I barely know you anymore.

Pertaining to the announcement of the Windwaker HD remake.

I understand the remake thing. Great. Love it. But they pick the game that was cell shaded and cartoonish. I love Windwaker. I played the crap out of that game. GBA attached and all. Yet an HD remake of a cartoonish game is just upscaling the cartoonish effects. There is nothing more to see in that, no hidden details that were missing because of a lack of horsepower. I personally would have preferred something like an OOT remake. Look how the 3DS game turned out, that game looks fantastic. Fully rendered with the power of the 3DS made it look stellar. We could actually see Links sword strap and belt . Why not do a 3D version of Link to the past? Can you all Imagine what that world would be like rendered in 3D and in HD? Personally I feel HD remakes are to fully realize the potential of a game that was missed on the orignial product. Like a directors cut of a film. I am not one of those angry people on the net screaming at the big N. I am just disappointed in the choices they have been making recently. By recently I mean the last 7 years. Misstep after misstep has them in a terrible position that they have no right being in. This is Nintendo, the company that used to rule the world in the 80s and 90s. The company that dropped the iconic "Gameboy" name from their handhelds, the same company that refuses to put out games on IOS, the company that abandoned the hardcore dedicated player for my grandpa. The company that named its console something that sounds like a child talking about a his favorite body part. This is why, at least for now, I am not buying a Nintendo console, but sticking with the Microsoft product. Something that my 8 year old self would never have imagined doing.

@Gaff said:

"I don't like this teend of HD remakes, I want this HD remake." Is this really what this argument boils down to?

Well... yeah it kind of is. (Note: this was my attempt at creating my first blog post and is purely my personal opinion.) Yet, my bigger point is that Nintendo has made major missteps Since the launch of the Wii, and I feel this is yet another. After a bit of thought I suppose that my apprehension toward the Windwaker "upgrade" may have been a bit reactionary, although I still disagree with their decision of choosing Windwaker to "upgrade" (as i have been corrected for saying remake). I would have rather seen a less cartoonish game with more details to show off in HD, perhaps Majora's mask since they just did OOT for the 3DS. My overall point is that this is a symptom of a larger problem with Nintendo.