Ideas for Persona 5

(pls excuse any and all slang and shortcutted words) For fans of the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona series, most especially Persona 3 and Persona 4, we are all eagerly awaiting the release of the next installment Persona 5. Now i've been thinking of what i would like to see in the next persona game and For Persona 5 i found out that i want more of the same such as memorial characters, the combat, the social link system, and persona catalog/ fusion mechanic so i think they should stay the same just with minor tweaks. but i have been brainstorming ideas as to the narrative. Since it is Japan and all, the high school setting will be appropriate, but i was thinking this time that instead of a regular high school, i thought it'd be interesting for Persona 5 to take place in a high school specializing in the arts: from painting and design to the culinary arts and for the hell of it the school also houses a martial arts program and other performing arts. the reason behind it is that i see the protagonist being a talented painter who transferred from Europe or wherever. Then for some reason he is being plagued by nightmares where he sees the destruction of train station as people are dying. When he wakes up from his nitemares in the morning he sees a painting (cause during the dream he slept painted) of said train station destroyed and grimly painted so its like a precognitive ability sort of like that painter dude from Heroes season 1. Taking a page out of persona 4 the protagonist is able to phase his arm within the painting. so like persona 4 he'll bring it up to the classmates that have introduced themselves each pursuing a different kind of art like the guy friend is a photographer and the lady friend is a amateur fashion designer (the protag will of course be able to meet his later party members as it progresses) so he feels like it is his responsibility to stop the destruction of the train station to happen (like heroes and the exploding man). So they go into the painting and the protag brings his sketch book along to sketch the this new found area. theyre attacked by shadows but then rite as he drops the sketch book it turns to the page of certain creature/warrior he sketched from a few years back and materializes and that becomes his first persona and tada! saves the day for now. that's all i got, i can kinda see the protag then being the one to sketch or to draw forth the personae for his allies. so yea tell me wat you think and share some of ur ideas of what you'd like to see in the next persona game.

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