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I always thought the Annoyed Gamer was an attention seeking talentless hack, who (like many others I won't mention) just leeched off of the huge & sudden popularity of the AVGN scene.

My opinion has not changed.

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I'll be in Tokyo at the time so I'll miss the live event, oh well. :(

I predict:

  1. Always on internet connection (WiFi only) that will be necessary to play any game.
  2. Kinect 2.0 functionality will be required for every game.
  3. Aggressive advertising will assault you from every system level menu.
  4. Xbox Live membership fees will double.
  5. Built in Facebook & Twitter functionality will be required for every game.
  6. No more optical drive. Download only for all software.
  7. Zero backwards compatibility.
  8. You guys like new Halo & CoD games?
  9. How about slammin' Dew's & dumb twelve year old's on voice chat?
  10. The Netflix app will still suck.


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But will my coffee still be full of FK?

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@CaLe: You mean Carrot-eeka?

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Sure i'll buy something. How much for the box of hopes & dreams? Maybe I could use it as a door stop.

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Killer Instinct... Jack of all trades, master on none.

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They said 4PM, they're 8 minutes late! WHERE ARE THEY!!!!

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It's shit like this that makes me embarrassed to call myself a gamer & why the media continues to not take the industry seriously.

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Sexual discrimination is unacceptable, regardless of the culture or context. Bar fucking none!