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Making Zombies Fun Again 0

In a world filled with DLC packs that just don’t do the game justice, The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned not only does an excellent job of delivering that Borderlands experience, but might actually do so better than Borderlands ever did. To access the DLC, you simply fast travel to a new area called Jacob’s Cavern. A short introduction video plays explaining what’s happened which, while it doesn't give you any information you can’t infer from the title, is entertaining nonetheless. Your on a...

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Demands to be Experienced 0

So what made The World Ends With You such an endearing game? The game is, for a lack of a better term, fresh. You start off the game as Neku in a fictional Shibuya (which as I understand is Japan’s trendiest place to dress like you’re insane, but stylishly so). You don’t really remember much of what happened before the game starts, but this isn’t your typical “main character has amnesia” storyline. You’re not the chosen one and you’re not out to save the world. You’re a self-centered person ...

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