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Roommate, who was male, told me we should urinate sitting down so we wouldn't have to clean the restroom. Told him I'd be in charge of cleaning the restroom, but my freedom would not be taken. Oddly enough, even in an apartment with four men, it was never a problem; everyone was oddly clean.

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I, politely, disagree Vinny.

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Number 1, with onions. Put root beer into that cup and call it a day.

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Wow, I was busy today and missed the live show, but that sounds like insanity. Hope everything ends up fine.

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I'll be graduating from college soon in the bay area and still need to find a job. Nice to have someone that I can relate to. I'm glad you found a job though Rorie in a place that you can enjoy working at.

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Sure, but then I'd just have a crappy car that would break down as fast as my 360 did.

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Eight women talking about marketing boobs as a strategy and isolating women that play games, but overlooking the fact that the thought going through most people's head's wasn't "Oh wow, boobs", but "Oh wow, that's a torso is absolutely disgusting and I want no part of this".

Also did someone really compare what equates to bad marketing to murder? I understand to some degree that women have it difficult not just in the industry, but in, well, life, but if you want to have dialog with me, a college educated make, give me something to work with please. If you want to just blame everything on sexism, I'll listen to you cry foul, but that's where the conversation ends because there is no ground that you're willing to compromise on. It's the nature of what you're arguing; sexism but definition is unequal and so the only solution is to make the system fair, but in the case with this torso I don't know how you would do that since there are other issues being overlooked beyond the breasts.

The Dead Island torso is so disgusting and troublesome for reasons beyond sexism, but even those are the fault of a company, and how that particular group choose to market. It's how they've always marketed things to us, with sexy women and sexy men, the best things that the world has to offer, a lifestyle people don't experience on a daily basis. It may be sexist but people BUY into it; if they didn't, they wouldn't continue to do it because they wouldn't be making money. Unfortunately for Dead Island, none of those things translate well when you make it into something disgusting. Lexus wouldn't sell many cars if they advertised them being covered in human waste, Calvin Klein wouldn't sell perfume if the model wearing it was being murdered, and you wouldn't advertise liquor by showing the people drinking it breaking into houses instead of being at a fancy party.

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Every time I see one of these threads, I come in ready to say SkiFree.

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My experience with DotA, and that of watching roommates and friends, is that this game only exists to fool people into thinking they're having fun when in reality they're angry 80% of the time, happy 5% of the time, and waiting the other 15% of the time to see what happens. I'm sure there are people who actually enjoy playing this game, but I've never met them in person.

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It's perfectly normal to have abnormal bugs in Skyrim. Outside of clearing the cache it doesn't sound like there's much you can do about it though. You could try starting a new file and then loading your actual file to see if that resets the bug. It could be worse... you could have my bug where gravity has been inversed in the entire game, making decorating my house IMPOSSIBLE.