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i think you can jump in anywhere. but you'd be under leveled for anything other than the beginning. just start at the beginning've played at all before anyway.

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Click on party portraits to open trade windows.

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Brad asked during TNT today but no answer from the chat. Would love a faster way of doing this!

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Battletag: Nymeria#1640

Difficulty: Normal and up

Region: Americas

Class: Monk

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the body weight mechanic is 1/2 the game buddy! sounds like you want "excite bike HD"

Get used to it and it becomes second nature. use weight to effect take offs from ramps for example. also there's that "ollie" thing in the tutorial.

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Too late to the party? If not, Cask 23

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I've actually been playing a lot more again lately...would be cool to play with fellow bombers.

Plat/Dia zerg: DireNymeria.183

Feel free to add me and get some games going...

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So I just got the game, literally played one race just now.  I realized the game can't connect to this "Autolog" thing....I thought maybe my xbox live wasn't connected so I quit out and restarted.  Nope, xbox live is fine...just the game can't connect to autolog. 
It wouldn't be a big deal at all, I don't know anyone else playing the game.  I just wanted to play some of the single player for the time being.  But the damn game tries to connect to autolog after the race too...locking up everything for about 30 seconds.  I've also read online that it will wipe out any multiplayer games as well when it tries to do this.  WTF???  Is there a fix for this???

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