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Thanks guys, so far I'm digging joystiq and vg247  
I really do like Kotaku, hopefully gawker will get the message and fix the mess they've made. But by then I might have become too comfy we these new sites y'all helped me discover...

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I'm very interested to hear how Pilotwings Resort turned out!

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Destructoid is alright, but sometimes it kind of feels like a tabloid. I love engadget so I think I will give Joystiq a shot. Thanks for all the input
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I was using kotaku classic. It still had ads that made me want to vomit blood. Also, my point was that I wanted to vote with my page views that I didn't like it. Any other advice?
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So giant bomb will ALWAYS be my number one, but I generally use kotaku to supplement it since they have that constant, up to the minute blog of video game news. HOWEVER, after weeks of giving their redesign a shot I have decided is is completely intolerable. Between their HUGE article covering ads, and hard to navigate pages I feel the only way to send them the message that they screwed up is to stop giving them the page views. The only problem, of course, is what alternative do I have? Any suggestions?
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Newbie Question: How do we best make use of this list? Does player x and player y need each other's number in order to "handshake" to meet/trade/battle or just one. How do you know who is playing and who is offline ect. 

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Black Version 
Rick: 3267 4366 9939

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Too much meat. There is such a thing.

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Whoa. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy that the boys got such an unexpected and copious of subscription sign ups!