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I think I understand what you mean, but the whole idea is that the x-axis represents something's "human-ness," with "not a person" to the far left and "a person" on the far right. Familiarity in this case means "people like it," and the traced line indicates how much people like/dislike the thing as it progresses from "not a person" to "a person."
I dunno if this is really the best response, but I saw that nobody replied to this and figured you deserve at least some explanation.

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 Hah I guess so, but this was like two guys on a couch in a studio (as opposed to two guys standing around vancouver).

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I recall watching some clips of a show called "The Game Men" a few years ago and finding it really awesome, but I can't really remember any details about it at all. It was obviously game related, and I think it was structured a bit like "Siskel & Ebert" where two guys just gave their opinions of different games.
The problem I'm having is that nobody I know has ever heard of this show, and searching for hours has come up with absolutely nothing; not even  a single lead (partially because the words are so common).
So I ask the GB community: have any of you guys ever heard of this show or, better yet, knows where I can find clips of it?

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Normally I hate gimmicky names, but I was just watching the QL for the RE5 dlc and I loved the fact that "easy" was called "amateur." I think it's probably fine as long as it's obvious which is which.