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I don't get annoyed by the gimmicky names when they don't hinder my choice in any way. So, it's pretty obvious that if "Brutal" is at the bottom of the list and "Amateur" is at the top they're the polar opposites. But I just don't see the need for gimmicky names. A lot of the time it seems like developers are trying too hard to be funny, or unique, or, god forbid, classy. And sometimes gimmicky names legitimately get in the way. It's always sports games for me. I never know the difference between "Rookie" and "Amateur". It feels like 2K has six or seven difficulty levels for each of their sports games. And I remember when Namco used to shoehorn in just as many difficulty levels in their old arcade games. I'm happy with just Easy/Medium/Hard/"Extreme" or "Very Hard" or whatever.

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I like clever names.

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I like playing on Elite, makes me feel bad ass.

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I don't care for it really but If i had to chose I would stick with the classic easy - hard.

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Why is there no 
C: I don't care either way

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It's never been a problem for me. It's fairly obvious that they go from easiest at the top to hardest at the bottom. I 
I do hate it when games tell me to play on hard when I've finished it on a lower difficulty. Some games even go so far as to deny me the real ending if I'm not playing on hard, like No More Heroes. That's bullshit. 

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It really doesn't make any difference to me.

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Yeah, Dirt 2 and Mass Effect 2 could be pretty confusing if they weren't in order (easiest to hardest).

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Don't really care to much about what they're called. 
You should have made a - C. Doesn't matter

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give me 'Bring it on motherfucker' difficulty.

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It's called polish and when a developer bothers to come up with clever names it generally (unless we're talking about the Matt Retard..sorry Hazard games) means the developer has taken the time to treat every aspect of their title with some proper context. 

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I don't have a preference.  Although if you're going to try and be creative with the names, at least make it clear what each one is.

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I don't care.

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I loves 'em gimmicky. If they are the classic stuff then meh, that's fine.
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I don't like it because sometimes it is confusing :( 

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@Coombs said:
" Why is there no  C: I don't care either way "
Quoted for truth. I don't see how it's that much of an issue, as long as it's clear what they mean. And besides, aren't they always ranked top to bottom anyway? It seems common sense to assume that the one at the top is the easiest, and the one at the bottom the hardest. Maybe I'll be a prick and someday make a game that has a difficulty menu that's wordy AND jumbled, like:
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I think they're cute, but sometimes they can get a little too crazy. Like when there's a "hardcore" mode, then a "Super Hardcore" and then an "Ultra Super Hardcore." Left 4 Dead 2 is kinda like that with "Advance," "Expert," and "Realism." You got three levels of hard difficulty? Do you really need that many?

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@Vito_Raliffe said:
" I don't like it because sometimes it is confusing :(  "
I'm with you there.  I prefer normal terms.
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I love the Kane and Lynch ones: 
 (I think that's it, if not it's quite similar) 
Don't get me wrong, I'm not much on drugs, but it was creative and really fit the game. 

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@Bones8677:  Realism is actually a whole seperate game mode.
The L4D2 difficulties are:
I think that is pretty straightforward.
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i like when there are gimmicky names for difficulty. i think it is great idea that they make. i usually play on normal when playing games. i am not skilled enough to play on hard difficulties.

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Also, how can you not love:

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I'm fine with any names, but I prefer the old Easy - (very) Hard types.
I do like Halo's though (Easy, Normal, Heroic and Legendary, "Mystic" if you grab the right skulls + Legendary).

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I like the normal terms, sometimes it just gets too confusing when they have weird names. It can be hard to judge how much of a leap the different settings are with gimmicky names. However, I don't mind them too much if they come with an explanation, bonus points if its funny (like in Rogue Warrior: This difficulty is for pussies).

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I like the gimmicky ones because they're usually followed by an informative yet hilarious description.  Something like "Bitch Mode- The enemies cower in fear of your presence and you will murder all of their faces."  Or "We Hate You Mode- You'll die... a lot."
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When it's ambiguous as to what it actually means for the difficulty of the game, that is when it is bad.  All of the other times?  Who gives a fuck?  It does not effect the game in any tangible way, so I can't say that I really care.

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@SeriouslyNow: lol no. So you're saying if a game has gimmicky difficulty names its automatically a good game...
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@Whisperkill:  As you saw I mentioned Matt Hazard in the negative, so no not automatically.
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I'm a traditionalist, I like them clear and straight to the point.  The last thing I want to worry about before I start a game is what the hell is the difference between "seasoned" and "professional".  I am willing to fudge this rule on games where you can unlock a bonus difficulty.  If at that point the developers want to name it something asinine like "hyper-mega-death-extreme" then I am okay with that.  

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Normally I hate gimmicky names, but I was just watching the QL for the RE5 dlc and I loved the fact that "easy" was called "amateur." I think it's probably fine as long as it's obvious which is which.

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Postal 2 had a little of both:

  • Liebermode
  • Too Easy
  • Very Easy
  • Easy
  • Remedial
  • Average
  • Aggressive
  • Hard
  • Very Hard
  • Manic
  • Hestonworld
  • Insane-o
  • They Hate Me
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I like both, mostly because the gimmicky ones have explanations. And some gimmicky ones are hilarious.

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Gimmicky names are fine so long as it obvious which ones are harder relative to each other. Even if you use normal terms such as in Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4, but you screw up the order of the terms, it can be confusing as to which level is harder.

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I like gimmicky ones, especially when theres a description aswell

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@Coombs said:
"C: I don't care either way "
Because I don't like fence-sitters. :D
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What can I say,  I'm an indecisive bastard.
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as long as it's clear, what's the problem? 
Amateur/Pro/All-Star/Legend makes sense. 
Hazardous/Dangerous/Perilous doesn't quite help as much.

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I prefer normal terms.  Everyone's trying to have their own original difficulty levels which I don't really care for :\

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"hurt me plenty"

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The only time I like gimmicky is when it is funny, like Wolfenstein's

  • Can I play, Daddy?- Very Easy. Knock Nazis over with a feather.
  • Don't hurt me- Still pretty easy, but the guards aren't quite as dumb.
  • Bring 'em on- The default difficulty. Those soldiers are gunning for you now.
  • I am Death Incarnate!- Extremely difficult! Only the best of the best should attempt this challenge.
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Similarly, I enjoy the classic Doom difficulty levels: 

  • I'm Too Young To Die
  • Hey, Not Too Rough
  • Hurt Me Plenty
  • Ultra-Violence
Yeah I don't really care.
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I have yet to see a hard mode called "Epic Carnage" mode. Bungie or Epic Games, deliver!