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It really seems like the best thing for him to do is pass Terraria off. He's made his quick buck.

he put SOOOOOO much effort into that game you don't even know. ive tal;ked to him over skype before hes really chill@ccampb89 said:

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@Sitoxity: ive done everything and was waiting for a new update.... *bursts into tears

Starbound looks great, so don't forget to keep a close eye on that. Terraria also has a very heavy mod community that is working on doing neat things even without the modding code. Skins, new items, and even total conversions can be found on Terraria's website.

and can u link me to the mods, i cant find them

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@WinterSnowblind: Lol im just messing around...kotaku lost their credibility when the said XBL> Steam

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@Sitoxity: ive done everything and was waiting for a new update.... *bursts into tears

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@ripsaw117: The graphics of the PS3 are just fine for me. I'd prefer a console over a PC anytime. I guess I'm lazy, you always have to upgrade your PC to be able to play all the newest games, while you buy a console just once and that's it. Graphics aren't the most important thing to me anyway, I appreciate good visuals of course, but the plot, characters and gameplay make a game for me.

spending an hour upgrading every two years for a vastly better experience? judging by your response, you've never seen/ owned a powerful rig before... but this isn't Pc Vs Console, just play what you enjoy and get out of my thread and don't return without "modded or at least pc quality graphics"

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If you liked Terraria, watch out for Starbound. Edit, One of the guys who worked on the art for Terraria is leading iirc.

Wow Thanks dude ill check this out ^___^

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This isn't news, they've been talking about bringing it to consoles for a while now.

It'll definitely be later than the PC version though, and anyone who thinks it's going to dumb down the gameplay is trolling or has something lodged in their brain.

Console gamers are generally less intelligent/ dont want complex games (Call of Duty).. Evidence: (not trolling just identifying market trends)

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Note that he isn't announcing a Console version being released. All he's saying, as they've said before, is that they are looking into it- and that the project has a project lead. In other words: there's at least one person working on the project.

But yeah, I'd almost be surprised if they don't actually release the game on consoles at some point.

^ THIS... if anything, itll be an action game spinoff or a separate series altogether... have some faith in Blizzard guys...

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No.... consoles are inferior and Blizzard sees and has stated this (ill link)... they are making a spinoff but imagine a GOOD Rts/ Diablo like on a console... its never been done

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Will Minecraft numb the sadness of losing my favorite whimsical adventure game? (Terrerria isn't really gone, just over... no more updates)

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The PS3 really needs a screenshot feature. Like, really :[

uhhhhh i wanted GOOD graphics....... (Pc Standards) ohh and