GOTY 2013

Top 10? - I'll write some feelings and maybe move things around soon.

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Posted by BabyChooChoo

Two of my top picks as well, Anarchy Reigns and Guacamelee are on this list. I'm already excited to read the finished thing.

Posted by ch3burashka

Anarchy Reigns made your list? So it's not a generic button masher with broken multiplayer as I was led to believe?

Posted by rmanthorp

Nah man - AR is legit. If you get a group online (which is maybe impossible at this point) it's the BEST of goddamn times. It has a sports mode called Deathball which is the greatest thing of all time. I think we streamed us playing it in the back half of this video It's rad. Oh and because it's Platinum the story is worth it for onetime through - great cut-scenes and all that overthetop goodness.