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Samurai Gunn is a local-only multiplayer-focused game in which up to four players battle it out to the death using their swords and guns. The developer Teknopants has shown off the game at many conventions and trade shows, earning much praise and awards from the press and public alike. Some ways into development, Max Temkin (of Cards Against Humanity fame and huge fan of the game) stepped in to help fund the project so it would see a release. It was released for PC on December 10th, 2013 with versions for the Mac, PS4, and Vita coming out later in 2014.


Players can choose from a wide variety of samurais to play as, however this is purely cosmetic as each one plays the exact same.

Your average display of constant mayhem.

As a samurai, you are fairly agile yet fragile as you are killed after one hit. In addition to your standard run and jump, you can cling to the side of walls and platforms slowing your descent and allowing you to climb upwards by performing a wall jump. You can also hold the down button which poses your character sprite as a dead body, hopefully dodging any attention from your opponents. However, laying down in water for too long will cause your character to drown.

In terms of offence, you have your sword which reaches about roughly two blocks ahead of you, but has a forced-delay between slashes preventing players from just mashing the attack button. And playing to the second-half of the title's namesake, you have your gun loaded with three bullets. Players can fire their gun in any cardinal direction, however the bullets can also be deflected back or in a different direction with their sword. In addition to this, there is no on-screen indicator of how many bullets a player has left. To this, players must keep track of how many shots they and their opponents have fired off or recognize when a player dry-fires their gun (only a small puff of smoke comes out upon shooting) signaling that they no longer have any ammo. Guns cannot be reloaded and you are only given ammo after dying and respawning (where you are back up to three shots). Stepping into water will cause your gun to be waterlogged, rendering it unusable until you respawn.

There are two main modes of play: Deathmatch and Survival.


This is recognized as the primary mode of the game. In Deathmatch, two to four players duke it out, playing up to ten kills. Unassisted suicides detract your kill count by one. In the Options menu on the title screen, you can alter the rules of play, such as setting up teams or giving players ten lives instead of first to ten kills.

When two or more players are at nine kills each after the match, the game goes to Showdown mode where the players spawn on a much smaller map with one life each and are given guns with no ammo, forcing them to use only their swords until one is left standing. If a player with nine kills and a player with eight kills manage to kill each other at the same time, the game will still go into Showdown mode rather than award the player with ten kills as the victor.


In this mode, one to four players are given a limited number of lives and must work together to defeat every single wave of AI enemies on a chosen arena. Clearing all waves on an arena causes it to "level up" making that arena more difficult by giving the players less lives, more waves, more enemies per wave, and harder AI. When played with more than one player, friendly fire is always on meaning that while on the same team, players can still just as easily kill each other.


There are four main zones in Samurai Gunn: Forest, Fortress, Graveyard and Mountain.

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