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A stern looking statue sets the mood in ObsCure: The Aftermath.
A stern looking statue sets the mood in ObsCure: The Aftermath.
A statue is usually created to honor a person or to be a reminder of a certain event. Since both of these themes are not very rare in video games they are also often found in the digital game world. Often statues are just present in games to serve as a decoration in a city that the player visits, often to set a more medieval mood, since statues are stereotypically associated with this time. These statues often have no meaning at all, and simply serve either to fill up space, or as mentioned before, add a more serious mood to the game. On the other hand, statues are often used in cut scenes to refer to great rulers/warriors/villans that did something before the start of the game. This is helpful, because the game can therefore emphasize on a non present character, without having to resort to simply putting an image of that person on the screen. Lastly, statues can also be an important object that the player interacts with. A variety of actions can be performed in various games, typically ranging from them merely being a save point to more complicated actions like being able to warp through them in the Zelda series.

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