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Looks like it has the potential to be the best Fight Night I think. Not just from adding the small things like the dynamic blood, deformation, body damage, and such, but just from looking at the game in general. I seriously can't wait for this. March can't come soon enough. :D

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One of the best mailbags ever! Maybe I'll send some mysterious assortments to GB when I go to Japan finally. Those energy drinks looked like the best. The snacks looked particularly... different. The GiantBomb community is abosultely the best! :D

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@ch13696:  You, sir, suck ass.
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Crazy. Not in the actual "crazy" sense but just surprised. Mass Effect was a franchise I always thought would stay with Microsoft. Well, still definitely check it out. Let's hope for the best I guess.

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Happy and great trailer. Just hope I can grasp my head around this one. LIttleBigPlanet was one of my anticipated games for 2008. Little did I know, when I got to it, I felt so bored. Probably from playing by yourself but still didn't feel amazing to me. Fell asleep playing it to be honest. Who knows, maybe if I try it again I might like it. Looking forward to hearing more info on this. Oh. and for anyone who wants to know the song, it's Sleepyhead by Passion Pit. Great choice of music and one of their best I must say.

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Real happy for you guys, GiantBomb. Come from a small gaming site to a huge awesomely awesome huge gaming site! I watched them and it was cool to see the highlight version of the (supposed) death of Xbox Live 1.0. You guys are getting bigger and more noticed which is sweet! GiantBomb for life, duders!

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@TripMasterMunky: Yeh, I know, lolz. Just don't own any old Xbox games as I had no more use for them. Course, Halo 2 being the draw. I never knew we would live to see the death on Xbox Live 1.0. K, I really need to stop saying that, lol. I just really, really want to witness it from GiantBomb themselves. Ah well, guess well see what they think about it and then see what they do from there.
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@TripMasterMunky: I wasn't playing any xbox games as I was frozen in place watching the stream. Plus I do not own the original xbox, so, that too. But yes, I think that someone should getting on NOW! 1:45 PM Eastern Time here in Miami. Just 1 hour and 15 minutes before I report to work, lolz. I call for another stream as it could have been Midnight TONIGHT. Oh God, that would be great to see their faces if they find that out, lolz. GiantBomb Gods! If you can hear your fellow willing duders, we call for another stream as we must know when Xbox Live 1.0 FINALLY DIES! You cannot be beat by it!
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Little did they know, sounded like a great idea to witness the last moments of Xbox Live 1.0. The possibly few minutes past twelve where it would all come down... Evenutally, they were mistaken... They gave their lives to this night. We all just wish- WE COULD HAVE ACTUALLY SEEN THE LAST FEW MOMENTS!!!!! DAMN YOU, MICROSOFT, AND WAY OF TRICKERYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!

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@TripMasterMunky said:
" Will there be another live stream tonight then? They have to be there when it closes! "
I sure hope so. Because as stupid as this is, lol, I am a frantic nerd duder who wants to know when Xbox Live 1.0 DIES!
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