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You got balls, kid.

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It's like there's a party in my mouth, and everyone's invited!
(except not really, honest, don't go in there)

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@Stupot said:
even mentioning religion in a topic never ends well
It's because you should really just keep it to yourself. Don't assume that I care what imaginary deity you enjoy talking to in your spare time.
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I am still waiting for some indie studio to do a proper modern clone of Jones In The Fast Lane. I think it could do well as a downloadable title.
(No, the numerous incredibly crappy Flash knock-offs don't count)

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That's pretty cool. I've never won a lottery. I did win around 500 dollars worth of gas many, many years ago, but I didn't even own a car, much less have a driver's license (or was old enough to get one), so my parents just used it instead.
For the people suggesting he donate it to Aurahack: That's a nice idea, but please don't put too much pressure on the guy. It's his money - he might be in financial troubles too, for all we know.

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I did resort to "spamming" PMs to new users, but I tried to pick interesting ones off the list and I personalized each message. Makes it more fun to do as well.
Now I'll just have to hold out hope that one of the new users follows me back...

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Man, I looooove new users!

Optical illusion!
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@Brendan said:
" Jim Sterling is the Armond White of video games.  "
That is a terribly unfair comparison. Mr. White would be very sad.
It goes more like this: Jim Sterling is the Fiore Mastracci of video games.
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@TheMustacheHero said:

" @RecSpec said:

" She needs to take a page from Andrew W.K. and learn how to dodge. "

Yeah that was great!
Wow, they never stop throwing things at him. Horrible "artist" but I respect him for staying up on that stage and performing.