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 Blizzard said:

 "No current plans, but we're aware that there are concerns regarding the current limits for publishing and sharing player-made maps. The feedback we've received so far is good, and we're keeping a very close eye on how the system is being used. This in turn will help us determine how best to accommodate our players and the mapmaking community-at-large." 

Haha, is this a joke? The SC2 mapping community has been overwhelmingly negative about everything regarding the custom maps system. Five map upload limit, 10mb limit per map, 20mb limit overall, the publishing system sucks, tons of things are censored, using the editor requires online connection, no local hosting, no LAN play, no chat rooms, no naming games, player regions are blocked and seperated, completely unintuitive publishing interface... the list goes on.
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  Doesn't that make you feel all warm and fuzzy?
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This looks like some horribly neutered and generic version of LittleBigPlanet.
Also, the game logo reminds me of Ocean Software. Anyone agree?

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@Jack268 said:
It is quite unfair though, because Giantbomb tracks every WoW character as a separate account, meaning a player who plays maybe 10 characters that are being tracked on GB for 2 hrs(hypothetically) will add 10 to the played count while someone playing SC2 for 2 hours will still only add one play to the counter. At least I believe this is how it works.  TL;DR = I doubt SC2 will go higher than WoW on GiantBomb unless it can be tracked through bnet.
Nah, achievements are also tracked for each "character" in SC2, meaning that people here on the site will have to manually add theirs once GB starts tracking (serious multiplayer dudes will no doubt make several ones to try and keep "perfect" win/loss ratios).
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I just spotted this while looking around while writing my last trivia submission. Yeah, people totally aren't abusing the system to complete the Weakest Link quest.

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I shudder to think of all the horrible new questions in the trivia pool. I don't think it was a good idea to require 20 of them. I've spent the past week trying to come up with good ones, and have 3 left. I'll barely make it before the deadline.

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I love you and I love this thread. MGS4 was also a huge disappointment for me after the previous games. Biggest disappointment of this console generation.

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You want to see a bad trivia question? Here you go!

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Is your cousin a gold seller?

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So glad to see this finally coming to Europe. Too bad Rising Star is only publishing it for the 360, however... would have been great for PS3 owners to get it as well without having to resort to importing from Japan (and getting trophies they can understand).
I only watched a few of the first endurance run episodes so not much has been spoiled. FWIW, the PAL boxart looks more like the original Japanese Red Seeds Profile one.