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Agree with ben here :P

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The Final Fantasy picture is amazing mate :)

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This game looks good but I doubt I'll ever play, looks A-Ok though. Probably go round to yours one day and watch it, does it continue the half life story at all?

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Matt, I agree =D You know because of the reasons we discussed on msn =P

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I think that their games have been of suib par recently but they still take pride in the FF series, so we can all look forward to FFXIII hopefully =).

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I better be one of the people you're gonna play L4D with =P.

Good list but it makes my computer feel really really old because it can only just run Shugun: Total War which came out in like 2000 or something so I need a new computer or something haha.

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Louis is my favourite because he seems like the guy who hinders the group and is always the first to die in horror movies.

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TheBeast said:
"Great stuff! How about you throw it in a publicly editable guide and let everyone contribute to it?"

Yeah this is a good idea, you could help people who are stuck and people who have already mastered the game can pass on their tips and tricks as well. Good stuff though!
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Just watched the preview of the game on the XBLM and it looks awesome. It also has "You're the Best Around" from the Karate Kid as the videos music, so that makes it awesome already. And the facts you've pointed out may make it worthwhile to go and get now.

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I think it's because control schemes have changed greatly since the N64, going back to play that console now just feels plain weird. Games aren't getting too complex, they're just getting more advanced I think.