Wallpaper Time! 8 Magic Roses.

So here it is gonna keep this simple so WaaBam!! Here it is

Click for much larger version! Hint it looks better!

I know the thumb looks like crap but the full version does look much better. Don't know why I made it, kinda looks like something you'd have as a black velvet painting or something you'd dream up while tripping balls, like I am right now from the lack of sleep...and with that being said good night!

*Edit* there the posted a much bigger thumb. The full version is much better of course this is your 2 min. Xbox live trial version. Okay look away if your not gonna download the full version or something!


Drink Taste Test Number 2! Jones pure cane soda Green Apple!

My first Jones Soda!
Okay here comes the second Drink taste test! Yes there will be another today and that'll be another jones soda saving hopefully the best for last.

The drink is going away from the energy drinks and into sodas with Jones Pure Cane Soda Green Apple. First things first is the smell a very important thing in drinks and life. First thing you'll notice is it smells alot like Green apple but artifical Green apple, You know like candy, that candy being Jolly Rancher. Speaking of smelling like Jolly Ranchers guess what it taste like...Sour Green apple Jolly Ranchers. I loved Jolly Ranchers as a kid but as i grew up I realized I totally don't like sour things! The taste isn't bad but its making my mouth taste...sour is not my thing. Just smelling it I could feel my touch reel back in fear down my throat.

so If your into very sweet and sour things then this drink is for you! Def better than most sodas which is most the time true when you bottle soda, something usa has sadly gone away from!

Just waiting to be drunk, just like me man I wish I could get hammered!

Heres a bonus pic for ya'll hopefully my collection will grow much bigger i'll give you guys a view of my large vitaman water collection when I find a new one to drink!

Really apologize for A. The smallness of my collection and b. the quality of this picture it was taken with a cellphone cam!


Drink Taste test! Bawls GuaraneXX with Exxtra Caffeine!

This is the Terrible drink they call Bawls Guaranexx with Exxtra Caffeine!

First off I'll start by saying welcome to my own Drink Taste test, I figured the dudes on giantbomb do it why can't I! I will be searching for the best of the best and sometimes, like today, the worst of the worst Drinks cause we all drink! This will not only be limited to energy drinks but I'll also be tasting the multiple vitiman waters, and when i become of age in 5 months alcoholic beverages so just sit back and enjoy my Review of Bawls GuaraneXX

You might remember Bawls from the great game Run like hell where it was heavly advertised...Or not. I've had the original Bawl and didn't mind it and this is probally be cause of many reasons all that the new Bawls GuaraneXX has.

The first red light should have been where it says sugar free in very small text. This is obviously a marketing tactic cause when most see Sugar Free their first reaction is "Fuck off", so to avoid this they make the sugar free almost so small you need a magnifying glass to see and spell the word guarane with 2 x's behind it and extra also spell with 2 x's. First thing you will notice that this energy drink does not have the fizz that normal energy drinks have which is either good or bad depending how much you like fizz which I now sort of expect by any kind of soft drink. To cut this short this drink is terrible. The sugar freeness leaves a bad after taste in your mouth and the drink taste sorta like bath water. The drink claims to have high caffeine content even warning of it on the back of the bottle. To bad Bawls GuaraneXX doesn't even match up in that aspect, tho not having a actual count of caffeine on the bottle upon some reason I found the bottle only have a measly 62mgs

In sort this drink is terrible! if your looking for energy just down a monster and stay away from sugar free energy drinks!

Ribbed for her pleasure!

Hope not!

Seriously I'm tired of hearing, reading, writing and talking about this stupid game! Footage came out and it looks like garbage! It looked like a N64 FPS with pretty graphics and not even that pretty cause Duke looks like he's made of plastic. Like I said in a comment on Giantbombs' story about this game hope everything about Duke Nukem forever gets burned in a fire!


Gamer THE MOVIE, VP:TiP and never leave home with out your ID!


K I might have already hyped this way to much but after thinking about how much i loved Death Race and The Condemned this movie might actually be okay but a dumb okay. Much like Crank 2 which I had the pleasure of watching this weekend! I'm starting to like over the top ultra violet action packed stuff just cause its so funny, I must have laughed a million times during Crank 2 but that movie def doesn't take its self to serious.

Also I picked up Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise today cause I got carded while trying to get DMC 4 and I had forgot my ID at home. Turning 21 soon and i'm still getting carded...and that kinda sucks, but happy that happened today cause VP:TiP is a great game, also abbrevating stuff is totatly rad and cool right! So go check out the trailer For G!...Gamer I mean...time to sleep!