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Mass Effect 3, with the extended cut installed: The first time I played the game with the extended cut, I tried the Synthesis ending, and boy, it was a powerful way to end the game. I had tears in my eyes, as I watched the final cutscene, and the slideshow.

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Gone Girl, Annabelle, Fury, and Interstellar. Those are the ones I'm most looking forward to this fall.

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I'm sticking with my X-Box 360 for another year. I might upgrade to next-gen, then.

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TNG is my all-time favorite Star Trek show.

As for the movies, yes, I agree that First Contact is the best movie that stars the Next Generation crew.

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The Darkness. Jenny getting killed is such a shocking and tear-jerking moment.

Also, I don't know if it will make you cry or not, but Sleeping Dogs is a fantastic story-driven open world game, with very professional voice acting.

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I'm hoping Dragon Age Inquisition keeps its release date. I'm a huge fan of role-playing games, and I love both Dragon Age Origins, and the sequel.

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Yes, he is. He's gotten really good over the years, playing different types of characters. Hunger Games, and Out of the Furnace couldn't be more different than they already are, and he's in both films.

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I voted yes. I always enjoyed watching their video reviews, because they were not only informative, they also showed how they played the games.

I would love for the Giant Bomb crew to do new video reviews, but sadly it won't happen. Quick Looks are what they do now.

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Catch up on older games I haven't played yet, and finish them, too. I'm currently alternating between Bioshock 2, and Fallout: New Vegas

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1. Dragon Age 2.

2. Mass Effect 3 (I love all three games)

3. Alpha Protocol.

Those are all RPG's that I love.