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One day we'll get a photo of us without @pseg putting his arm around an invisible hodor.

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I got @fobwashed to make us a real emblem so we don't look like a bunch of hoodlums anymore. It's pretty awesome.

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@mcfart said:

Yeah, had the server bookmarked but the OP probably took it down because it had 0 players for ~3 months :(. Can't blame him really, servers ain't free.

TNT had 1 great purpose, getting people on to GB servers. Whenever GB played BF3 on TNT, the GB server would be full for weeks after.

Yeah, we knew this would die down pretty quickly (as all games within the GB community do) so we only got it for three months this time. Ended at the end of January. We simply don't have enough people to justify a 64 man server for very long after launch.

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I made a platoon for us. When we did them in BF3 we had to run 5 simultaneously due to the 100 man limit, but I imagine interest in 4 has died down enough that this should be alright for a while. I expect this will largely be PC members, but anyone is welcome. I invited all of my friends list, which is the majority of GB's PC BF community, but feel free to hop in if I missed you.

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what is this game even

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Just a heads up; Gaz is doing a buy one get one weekend of sorts. Buying a hero this weekend will give you an extra random hero and buying a costume will give you an extra random costume.

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I started playing this last night, what is the deal with the achievement panel?

Seems like it's some sort of cross character buff system, but I couldn't really figure out what was going on with it. Should I be sticking to one character or is there a good reason to flip between all of them?

Achievements aren't in yet (they have a lock icon on the tab). The panel you're looking at is called synergies. When you get heroes to level 25 and to level 50 they unlock bonuses which can be applied to any of your other heroes. You can apply ten bonuses at a time. You can see a list of them here (scroll down);

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@jakob187 said:

Oh, sure. NOOOOOOOOOOOW people start playing it.

Marvel NOW.