Free SimCity code w/ free Origin game.

Hey, I forgot that I still have a shrinkwrapped SimCity copy if anyone wants it. If you do, just leave a comment below and I'll send the code to someone at random in a few hours. If you register it by tomorrow you should be able to get one of the free games that EA offered due to the crappy launch, as well. So, really, this is like getting Dead Space 3 for free with a bonus SimCity in there as well.

EDIT: I punched the number of responses into and the number matched up with user DwigtK! Congrats to him! Sorry to everyone else! Here's a puppy for you!

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OoOooh. Hey, Rorie!

Oh, I see, this is a competition! Well, I worked at an SPCA for 2 years and if you play your cards right, Rorie, these sweet little dogies can be all yours!

Posted by Cdude9590

I'll take it.

Posted by LeeroyPinkerton


Posted by mwjeffcott

Hey duder, pick me!

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Puppies! does the code come with free puppy pics?

Posted by WebScud

I've never played a SimCity game before...

Posted by mak_wikus

Yeah, okay, this is worth a shot.

Posted by daedaluss

I'll chomp that Sim City

Posted by LiquidKrel

I'd be happy to take it

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If you have a corgi to give away that'd be pretty cool too.

Posted by ZeroTheHero

Sure why not, thanks!

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I'm up for a free code, duder.

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I have been wanting to play some SimCity. Hope I get it.

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Boss of bosses?

Boss of my dreams~

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I would totally appreciate a free copy!! Thank you Mr. Matthew Rorie!

Posted by wumbo3000

Hey, I'll give it a shot.

Posted by bonbolapti

I would like this, so I'll try my hand :D

Posted by aurahack

Whaaaa I'd love to have it. :'D You're the best, Rorie.

Posted by TheYear20XX

Why not.

Posted by evildeadron

I give this giveaway 7 puppies. Now about that code.

Cheers Matt!

Posted by totaboy

Signing up for this here lottery.

Posted by TheCheese33

Spokane Washington! (please?)

Posted by CollegeGuyMike

Puppies 4 lyfe!

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Sure I'll give it a go

Posted by Kentobi

It's been a long road to getting SimCity servers working.

Posted by Skillface

Hey hey Rorie! :D

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Free is about what I'd pay for this.

Edited by SilenceUK

Would love a copy, poor student that has friends bugging me to get it, and just cant as much as i want to get in on the building action in their region lol

Posted by victorrypl


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I'd like a copy please. :)

Posted by B3ntley

You had me at Dead Space.

Posted by Indiana

Thanks for posting this here, Matt

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Posted by darkvare

lawyer dog demands free games

Posted by joey



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I'm interested

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I live in the UK? Does that matter with origin?

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Would love to get this. Thanks Rorie!

PS: Puppies

Posted by Grayone

That'd be rad Mr Rorie!

Posted by Chocobo_Blitzer

Yes please.

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Rorie! Awesome! You're the greatest duder!

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Emma Stone kissing a puppy, didn't even have to shop this.

Posted by Aaron_G

Pick me, Rorie!

Posted by HolytheGoalie

I'll throw my hat in the ring!

Posted by cooljammer00

I'd like it

Posted by Kanden

Pick me! Pick me!

Posted by dOm_CaTz

soo thats free on top of free? I love free free.

Posted by Headin

Properly petting pinatas

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Giving away pleasing playthings?

Rorie you're the man. Sign me up.

Posted by austinmiller

Hey Rorie! It's been a long road.... To a working Sim City

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